TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 23/09/11

The second week of the rating’s chart sees the dominance of ITV over their BBC rivals

1. [1]The X-Factor (Sat, ITV1)
No surprise that the Saturday night juggernaut is still at the top of this week’s chart. As the auditions come to an end we saw arguing among the judges, some of the best contenstants and a lot of recap. Boot Camp, Judge’s Houses and Live Shows can only increase these ratings and only Strictly Come Dancing might be able to outdo it.

2. [New]Downton Abbey (Sun, ITV1)
Downton Abbey 2 TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 23/09/11
Last year’s surprise ratings hit comes straight in at number two surpassing nine million viewers when you take into accont ITV+1. As you read below Downton fans crashed the ITV Player but those who watched saw some impressive war scenes and the usual lovelorn folk of the Abbey as Lady Mary fawned over Mathew and Bates and Anna were forced to part ways. And if none of that floated your boat there’s always Maggie Smith.

3. [2]Doc Martin (Mon, ITV1)
ITV dominate this week’s schedules with another impressive week for Doc Martin. Martin Clunes’ grumpy face seems to appeal to a lot of people and I suppose its light enough fare for a Monday night.

4. [New] All Star Family Fortunes (Sat, ITV1)
The second biggest ratings story of the week saw the big battle between the familys of Trevor Nelson and Cheryl Baker triumph against Doctor Who in the early Saturday evening time slot. This revelation led numpty Northern host Vernon Kay to take to Twitter to brag against his victory over the Time Lord what an idiot. Although the real reason for this ratings success may be because people want to get ready for The X-Factor and indeed the last quarter of Family Fortunes was the most watched, coincidence? I think not.

5. [5] Doctor Who (Sat, BBC1)
The fact that the Doctor was beaten in the ratings by Vernon, something which has continued to happen this week, adds to the critical thrashing that the recent episodes have had. According to some the storylines have been increasingly difficult to understand but I feel that this is just by adults who are only half watching it and I think the kids are still really getting into it. I also think that Doctor Who is one of those shows that is watched by many later on the iplayer and having been criticised for its rating still finds itself as the most-watched BBC drama of the week.

6. [New] Midsomer Murders (Wed, ITV1)
Despite the racism scadal earlier in the year, Midsomer Murders’ viewing figures don’t seem to have taken much of a pummeling as it returns with an impressive amount of viewers. Like with Doc Martin this is cosy stuff and while it features a lot of murders it also features a lot of lovely scenery and some great actors even if Neil Dudgeon can’t hold a candle to John Netles when it comes to protecting the Barnaby name.

7. [7] The Body Farm (Tue, BBC1)
This has probably surprised me the most in terms of viewing figures, I wrongly predicted last week that the high ratings was because this was a debut and people were tuning in to see what The Waking the Dead spin off would be like. Its continued success could be due to fans of The Great British Bake-Off continuing their BBC loyalties that evening or maybe its because celebrity Arcitic shennanigans in 71 Degrees North don’t appeal to most.

8. [6] Billy Connelly’s Route 66 (Thur, ITV1)
Billy’s tour of the States continues but drops several legions of viewers from last week’s debut episode. Again this is because of the spate of new ITV1 dramas and also because of new competition in the form of Crimewatch.

9 [8] Outnumberd (Fri, BBC1)
The family sitcom continues to have a steady ratings winning formula for another week. This episode saw Karen consider religion, Jake possibly doing drugs and Ben infuriating his parents during a parent’s evening. Although its not as good as the last series its still one of the best sitcoms around and I’m glad its finally raking in the viewers.

10 [New] Spooks (Sun, BBC1)
And this was probably the biggest ratings story of the week as viewers were forced to choice between sedate manor house or espionage thrills with the latter losing out. The decision for the BBC to schedule the final series of the excellent thriller against the big hitter of Downton was questioned before it happened and Spooks only just made it into the Top 10. Maybe a second look at the ratings will the BBC reconsider their decision and move Spooks to its rightful place on Mondays as a lot of fans will want to be able to watch the final series of one of Britain’s best shows of the last 10 years.

More ratings same time next wee.

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