TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 07/10/11

More ratings with things staying the same once again.

1 [1] The X-Factor (Sun, ITV1)
No surprise here as the Judge’s Houses stage of the contest attracted big numbers over the weekend. It was Sunday’s episode that just edged ahead in terms of ratings but I suppose this was because it featured the big announcement of who was in the Top 16 and Twitter was abuzz with rants about Jade Richards and Joe Cox not getting through and of course the announcement of the BIG TWIST. I wouldn’t be surprised though if The X-Factor held on to the Number 1 spot for the rest of the year.

2 [2] Downton Abbey (Sun, ITV1)
The perfect Sunday night duo of loud music show followed by sedate soapy costume drama continues to dazzle audiences. Downton this week saw the home become a recouperation centre for wounded soldiers and also saw the return of Mr. Bates.

3 [3] Doc Martin (Mon, ITV1)
And our Top 3 remains the same for a third week in a row as Monday night audiences want a simple trip to the coast with Martin Clunes and co.

4 [4] Strictly Come Dancing (Sat, BBC1)
I have to say that I’m a little shocked that the first Saturday night installment of Strictly didn’t break the Top 3 but this maybe due to the programme straddling the weekend and people unaware of when it was on. I have to say that once the Saturday night routine settles in and people are used to having Strictly and then turning over to X-Factor I reckon the ratings may improve but despite its placing on the list it is still the BBC’s top show of the week.

5 [6] Doctor Who (Sat, BBC1)
An impressive climb for Doctor Who as it obliterates smug Vernon Kay’s awful Family Fortunes show out of the Top 10. I suppose the audience here went up as all the questions about the Doctor’s death, his relationship with River Song and that all important question were all answered to an extent. Obviously the ratings here don’t reflect the people who watch the show at a later date but it seems that there is enough support in the show’s initial viewing at least when there is an episode as crucial as this.

6 [New] Merlin (Sat, BBC1)
446merlin TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 07/10/11
And a triple bill from BBC1′s Saturday night line-up is completed with the return of this family drama now in its fourth series. Again a show that families can sit down and watch together this more than held its own against Saturday’s X-Factor broadcast something that the BBC must be very happy about indeed.

7 [New] Hidden (Thur, BBC1)
I’m quite surprised that this new drama has done so well in the ratings given its complicated nature and noirish thrills. But I think the rating is partly due to Philip Glenister’s star-power and partly because there isn’t much competition on Thursday nights. I do have my doubts whether the programme will perform as well next wee.

8 [7] The Body Farm (Tue, BBC1)
Down one from its usual number 7 slot, due to a couple of new drama entries, The Body Farm’s success continues to baffle me but I think it does have a solid audience who enjoy crime procedure type shows and at least shouty Trevor Eve isn’t involved any more.

9 [New] The Great British Bake-Off (Tue, BBC2)
This is the first show since I’ve started writing the list that hasn’t come from either BBC1 or ITV1 and shows what a cult following The Great British Bake-Off has amassed during its second series. You will read above about Jo winning the contest but it is great to see a little show like this beating some of the tackier mainstream shows in the chart.

10 [Re] Spooks (Sun, BBC1) and [9] Who Do You Think You Are? (Wed, BBC1)
I did feel that the final episode of Outnumbered would get into the list however we have a tie for 10th place between Sunday’s episode in the final series of Spooks and Len Goodman exploring his roots in Who Do You Think You Are? Both episodes performed highly considering what was on the other side and I suspect with a couple of the shows in the list ending that both may well be in the list again next week.

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