TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 14/10/11

More ratings chart action as the battle for Saturday night supremacy continues

1 [1] The X-Factor (Sun, ITV1)
The allure of that BIG TWIST, kept viewers tuning in all weekend and Sunday’s results show became the biggest hiter of the week. There has been a big deal made that The X-Factor’s ratings are down 2 million on last year’s performance but it is still the highest rated show which means that more people are online and using recording devices now than they used to be.

2 [4] Strictly Come Dancing (Sun, BBC1)
Finally the BBC’s big autumn show is catching up with it’s nearest rival. Now the comptition has gotten into swing and the results are being announced people are beginning to care with Sunday’s results show winning overall probably as Bruce Forsyth’s jokes aren’t present so the whole thing flows a lot quicker.

3 [2] Downton Abbey (Sun, ITV1)
Strictly’s dominance means that ITV’s shows fall down a little bit with the fourth episode of Downton not ranking as high as some of the others despite having a cheesy crowd pleasing men returning from war ending.

4 [3] Doc Martin (Mon, ITV1)
And like with Downton the good Doctor drops a place with the same old crowd-pleasing grumpy comedy drama goodness.

5 [6] Merlin (Sat, BBC1)
With Doctor Who departing, Merlin has picked up its game and retains all of Strictly’s audience that aren’t that bothered with Strictly. For those who felt I was a little harsh with my review of Merlin last week, I do rather like it and feel that it has finally picked up a bit.

6 [Re] Midsomer Murders (Wed, ITV1)
It’s a week without sports or awards so that means a return to Midsomer of a Wednesday night despite Neil Dudgeon not being as much of a draw as Barnaby as John Nettles was this episode featured a lot of ritilustic goings on in the countryside and was enjoyed by more than 5 million people.

7 [8] The Body Farm (Tue, BBC1)
Returning to its Number seven position after last week, crime procedural drama Body Farm seems to be retaining a steady audience who will obviously be disappointed when it comes to an end this week.

8 [New] DCI Banks (Fri, ITV1)
dci banks aftermath tv re 006 TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 14/10/11
A triple bill of crime and an interesting development that Stephen Tompkinson’s DCI Banks enters the chart with its penultimate episode winning the Friday night ratings battle. I’m guessing the main reason for this is because Outnumbered has gone and has been replaced by Have I Got News For You? However I still thought this would do better than the moody crime thriller, I was wrong.

9 [10] Spooks (Sun, BBC1)
Spooks creeps up the chart as the series almost comes to an end getting its best rating yet up against the ratings winner Downton Abbey.

10 [New] Harry Hill’s TV Burp (Sat, ITV1)
I honestly thought Hill would debut higher in the charts but only manages to debut in the chart at Number 10. Maybe people have decided not to bother as this could be Hill’s last show but seeing its on pre X-Factor I thought more people would tune in.

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