TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 28/10/11

Though a few new shows have debuted it does seem like business as usual in the Top 10 once again this week.

1 [1] The X-Factor (Sun, ITV1)
Once again the Sunday results show is the week’s most watched event with the second half of the show getting more than 12 million tuning in but then again they might just have been waiting for Downton to come on. Obviously the tabloids are still reporting over the low ratings and indeed the Saturday show still didn’t perform as well but I don’t think the answer is in fighting between the judges or bringing back Simon but instead ditching this Sunday show and making people just tune in on Saturday to find out the winner that way everybody wins.

2 [2] Strictly Come Dancing (Sun, BBC1)
And just behind the X-Factor results is the Strictly results show which doesn’t get many more viewers that its Saturday companion but as I said last week its 30 minutes long you get the dance highlights and there’s no bad jokes from Bruce Forsyth.

3 [3] Downton Abbey (Sun, ITV1)
As it zooms on towards its conclusion Downton still steals it as the number one scripted show of the week and thankfully World War I is over, I was worried there for a minute.

4 [4] Doc Martin (Mon, ITV1)
No change in this week’s Top 4 as the penultimate episode of Martin Clune’s medical shennanigans leads the ratings on Monday night. The big story here is that it crushed Young Apprentice in the ratings getting over double their overnight ratings but I’m guessing it will be a different story after the Doc has checked out.

5 [New] Frozen Planet (Wed, BBC1)
Frozen Planet atte 2029182i TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 28/10/11
Some good news for the Beeb is that they just managed to lead Wednesday night’s ratings battle with the stunning new David Attenborough documentary which I have reviewed in the blog below.

6 [New] Death in Paradise (Tue, BBC1)
Another new entry for the BBC this week as the replacement for The Body Farm seems to be doing just as well as that show did. This is perfect winter viewing with a tropical setting and easy-to-follow plots.

7 [Re] Midsomer Murders (Wed, ITV1)
Yes its the show that’s on Wednesday when the football’s not playing and this week it lost out to Frozen Planet but I have to say that the lure of a good murder mystery means that Frozen Planet probably lost out on few more thousand viewers.

8 [5] Merlin (Sat, BBC1)
Due to the popularity of some of the newer shows this week Merlin unfortunately takes a plummit in the ratings despite garnering its usual healthy ratings.

9 [9] Spooks (Sun, BBC1)
The last episode of Spooks did the best out of the entire series so far thanks to the fact that a lot of casual fans tuned in to see what would happen to Harry and co. But you’re alright because this is a spoiler free chart.

10 [10] Harry Hill’s TV Burp (Sat, ITV1)
And again Harry Hill’s lead in to The X-Factor gets him almost five million viewers although what surprises me is he’s not getting the same amount of viewers as Family Fortunes did against Doctor Who then again Hill is doing admirable work seeing as he’s up against Strictly Come Dancing.

More of the same from the ratings chart next week.

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