TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 04/11/11

Time for more ratings gubbins.

1. [1] X-Factor (Sun, ITV1)
Its fair to say that X-Factor is really struggling in the ratings losing to Strictly on Saturday night but thankfully clawing back for the Sunday results shows. To me the solution to the ratings slump is simple get rid of the results show and after the acts have finished wheel on special guests while people vote and announce the results and have the sing-off all on the same night. You scoff but this is what used to happen all the way back in 2008 and I think this the only way to improve ratings but this means that ITV will have to think of something new to fill in the Sunday spot, which I know is a very daunting thought.

2 [2] Strictly Come Dancing (Sun, BBC1)
Didn’t they Do Well as Brucie would say, for the first time this year Strictly beat X-Factor on Saturday nights presumably because people can watch Strictly then switch over to plus one and catch Harry Hill and X-Factor. However the Sunday show did about the same rating and was overtaken by The X-Facor’s mammoth audience. Still this is what happened last Halloween so will the Strictly machine be able to romp home this coming Saturday? Only time will tell.

3 [3] Downton Abbey (Sun, ITV1)
No change with the next two entries as the penultimate episode of Downton which saw Matthew regain the ability to walk and Sybil running of with the chaffeur gaining the highest rated episode of the series so far and outdoing Saturday’s X-Factor rating.

4 [4] Doc Martin (Mon, ITV1)
A top five place maintained throughout its series, Doc Martin ends on a high thrashing Young Apprentice in the ratings yet again.

5 [5] Frozen Planet (Wed, BBC1)
Despite climbing up to an 8 million viewer average, Frozen Planet stays at number five in this week’s ratings despite presenting another cracking hour from both of the world’s poles.

6 [8] Merlin (Sat, BBC1)
After a dip last week Merlin’s back in its number six position presumably with such as strong lead-in from Strictly a lot of people tuned in as the Camelot-based shennanigans rolled on.

7 [New] Susan Boye: An Unlikely Superstar (Fri, ITV1)
Obviously a lot of people could only get ITV to tune in on their remotes on Friday night but then maybe that’s being a bit harsh to SuBo. She obviously has a loyal fanbase with almost five and half million tuning into see this behind the scenes making of her new album.

8 [6] Death in Paradise (Tue, BBC1)
More Death in Paradise and Luther announced by BBC head of drama TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 04/11/11
Ben Miller’s Caribbean set murder mystery shows loses some viewers this week maybe due to the novelty wearing off however escapist fun still attracting well over five million people which I feel is all you need in these cold winter months.

9 [Re] Have I Got News For You (Fri, BBC1)
A big audience means that this topical quiz, this week hosted by Stephen Magnan, climbs back to clinch the number nine spot.

10 [10] Harry Hill’s TV Burp (Sat, ITV1)
For the third week in a row Harry stays put at the botom of the table with the same old surreal TV-related nonsense

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