TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 11/11/11

Results shows and new dramas battle it out in this latest chart

1 [1] The X-Factor (Sun, ITV1)
After Saturday night’s show just beat Strictly in the ratings, The X-Factor results show once again trounces all the competition. I won’t bang on about it again but I will say that combining the Saturday and Sunday show would be more beneficial if this show wants to stay on top.

2 [2] Strictly Come Dancing (Sun, BBC1)
Last week’s victory in the Saturday night wars was a minor victory as Strictly was outdone by X-Factor this year and then the results show did a lot better. Like with X-Factor, Strictly could do with combining its two shows but it doesn’t seem like as big an issue for them as it does with their ITV rival.

3 [3] Downton Abbey (Sun, ITV1)
If these results were based purely on the Saturday night shows of Strictly and X-Factor then Downton would be this week’s number one with its series finale racking up 10 and a half million viewers who saw the death of Lavinia, Robert’s brief betrayal of Cora and Bates’ arrest. Downton continues to be a ratings winner for ITV1 and I’m guessing they’re hoping that it continues to do so when it returns for its Christmas special next month.

4 [5] Frozen Planet (Wed, BBC1)
Although not up on last week’s massive figures, more penguin fun with David Attenborough has seen Frozen Planet continue its dominance in the top half of these charts.

5 [New] The Jury (Mon, ITV1)
walters TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 11/11/11
A new drama series always gains curiosity from a lot of viewers on its first airing and indeed the killing did just that with almost six and a half million people tuning in on Monday however that figure fell by about two million but those who stayed then stayed throughout the week I have to say this is encouraging for new drama but then again this did have the steady hand of Julie Walters steering it in the right direction. For my review of the show see below.

6 [6] Merlin (Sat, BBC1)
Another one which always seems to be able to retain a healthy audience more Camelot shennnagians see Merlin retain its number six position.

7 [9] Have I Got News For You? (Fri, BBC1)
An incredibly healthy showing for this week’s edition of BBC’s satirical news quiz but then they aren’t facing competition from a Susan Boyle documentary or a maudlin cop show it’ll just be interesting to see how they fare against I’m a Celeb next week.

8 [New] Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (Wed, ITV1)
As a quiz show fantatic I feel it is a damn shame that Millionaire isn’t a regular event on the schedules any more mainly because of ratings-related reasons. It is returning from time to time for these live celebrity-led shows and this week saw stars play alongside veterans in a memorial special which did incredibly well in the ratings whether it was the draw of the star names or just the show itself I do think it would be revisiting the possibility of a new series of this legendary quiz show.

9 [10] Harry Hill’s TV Burp (Sat, ITV1)
A little bit of a climb this week for Hill as his surreal TV-related comedy continues to be a hit for families after a bit of entertainment to start their Saturday nights.

10 [New] Piers Morgan’s Life Stories (Sat, ITV1)
With a built-in audience who can’t find the remote control after the X-Factor and an intriguing guest in Rolf Harris, Piers Morgan rounds off the show here and actually provided an interesting hour of TV which probed into Harris’ complicated story. I reckon tonight’s Gazza special could do even better and raise the show up in these charts come next week.

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