TV Ratings Chart: Week Ending 06/01/12

A new year, a new ratings chart and surprisingly a new drama at the top of the list.

1 [New] Sherlock (Sun, BBC1)
6081 TV Ratings Chart: Week Ending 06/01/12
No surprise that BBC1′s New Year’s Day coverage is leading the way on this week’s chart with Pat Butcher’s death on Eastenders providing a strong lead in for the debut episode of Sherlock. Despite its controversial pre-watershed nudity this was still a fine episode and it seems that nearly nine million people thought so too.

2 [4] Absolutely Fabulous (Sun, BBC1)
The second New Year’s Day programme and the second new episode of Absolutely Fabulous this time seeing Eddie try and get in Saffy’s good graces by reviving the career of a legendary French actress.

3 [New] Endeavour (Mon, ITV1)
Despite being plodding from time to time this Inspector Morse prequel had enough interest in it to get ITV1′s biggest audience of the week so much so that a full series is rumoured to begin production in the near future.

4 [New] Celebrity Mastermind (Tues, BBC1)
A strange one but I suppose Celebrity Mastermind, currently taking up the slot filled by The One Show, is just in the right place at the right time. This episode saw Neil Hannon answer episodes on Frasier and Michel Roux struggle with questions about a cookery book.

5 [8] Mrs Brown’s Boys (Mon, BBC1)
The strange phenomenon of Mrs Brown’s Boys continues to baffle me but there is obviously a large audience of people who find a sweary man in drag utterly hilarious.

6 [New] Fake Britain (Wed, BBC1)
Like with Celebrity Mastermind this show, Dom Littlewood’s consumer programme to be precise, doesn’t look like a ratings winner but Dom obviously has his charms and people are probably interested to see just how they got ripped off over Christmas.

7 [New] Law and Order UK (Fri, ITV1)
Bradley Walsh and Paul Nicholls provide an odd double act in this crime and punishment drama that now has a steady audience who obviously enjoy this type of thing but personally I’ve never really been a fan.

8 [17] Earthflight (Thur, BBC1)
More birds, flying around and that’s about it, people seem to like it though apparently.

9 [6] The Royal Bodyguard (Mon, BBC1)
David Jason’s approximation of Johnny English has lost over four million viewers from it’s Boxing Day debut and if you watch the show it’s not hard to see why.

10 [New] Eternal Law (Thur, ITV1)
More flying but this time from angels instead of birds as barmy legal drama Eternal Law caps off the list after beating the superior Public Enemies for a place in this list. It’ll just be interesting to see if Eternal Law can hold on to it’s place in next week’s countdown.

And you can join us then for more ratings goodness.

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