TV Ratings Chart: Week Ending 13/01/12

s always I am presenting my Top 10 highest rated shows of the week which as normal doesn’t include live sport, long-running lifestyle shows or repeats I say that because over five million people watched an episode of New Tricks that had previously aired. So without further ado here are this week’s ratings:

1 [New] Dancing on Ice (Sun, ITV1)
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Yes it seems after a couple of weeks off the reality shows are returning to the top of our charts as the ice dancing celebrities return everybody wants to see them. The obvious intrigue involved in DOI is seeing if any of the famous faces will fall flat on their face. It is telling though that the results show shed about two million viewers so it will be interesting to see where this is on the chart next week.

2 [1] Sherlock (Sun, BBC1)
The Hounds of the Baskervilles here and it seems less people tuned in that the debut but having said that it completely trounced the Dancing on Ice results show. Not much to say about this episode apart from it was another excellent outing for the Baker Street crew.

3 [New] Wild at Heart (Sun, ITV1)
Part of the reason that Sherlock might’ve slipped in the chart is because it was up against this surprisingly popular Africa-based drama with Stephen Tomkinson and that one from Cold Feet. I suppose with the horrid weather we’ve been having it appeals to some people who just want to see some nice scenery.

4 [New] Above Suspicion (Mon, ITV1)
ITV crime drama continues to dominate in the charts with the newest round of Lynda La Plante adaptiations this time starring Ciaran Hinds.

5 [New] Midsomer Murders (Wed, ITV1)
Talking of ITV crime drama here’s the daddy of them all and again did incredibly well despite the entire population of Midsomer being either murderers or victims at some point it seems that Barnaby and company still have crimes to solve.

6 [New] The Magicians (Sat, BBC1)
Having scrapped Lenny Henry as host and letting The Magicians do things their own way this show has become a little bit more like the Saturday night entertainment show it should’ve been the first time around an it seems it has the ideal combination to appeal to families on early Saturday evenings.

7 [New] Hustle (Fri, BBC1)
Shifted a week back due to scheduling issues the first episode of Hustle’s final series had a strong start and seems to have maintained its fanbase something that the Spooks finale failed to do.

8 [New] Take Me Out (Sat, ITV1)
It seems lowest common denominator seems to be the theme in these last three shows starting with the Paddy McGuinness fronted dating show which, to be fair, isn’t as bad as all that and I would have to list it as my guilty pleasure choice of the week.

9 [New] DIY SOS: The Big Build (Tue, BBC1)
I really have nothing to say about DIY SOS, I’m not that sort of person who enjoys any shows to do with property and I find the ubiquitous Nick Knowles very annoying however it does seem that I am in the minority.

10 [5] Mrs Brown’s Boys (Mon, BBC1)
While The Royal Bodyguard seems to have completely fallen out of favour with everyone this cross-dressing abomination of a sitcom is still going strong. Once again it fails to make me laugh but I was shocked to learn that my mother thinks its absolutely hilarious, it must be a generational thing.

More ratings to come next week.

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