TV Ratings Chart: Week Ending 20/01/12

Its time for another week of ratings as normal this doesn’t include any soaps, sport or long-running factual entertainment programming such as Countryfile or Songs of Praise.

1 [New] Call the Midwife (Sun, BBC1)
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So straight in at the top of this week’s chart is this new 1950s set Sunday evening drama which will be reviewed in the next blog. I’m guessing part of the reason why this has topped the chart is due to the fact this is a new series and partly that its perfect untaxing Sunday viewing. With familiar names like Pam Ferris and Jenny Aguetter involved this was bound to do well although I didn’t realise it would attract this many viewers and beat the show at number two.

2 [2] Sherlock (Sun, BBC1)
So after the midwives had finished a lot of people tuned off and went to bed or turned over to ITV at least maybe they just put Sherlock on their Sky Plus machines but whatever the reason the best show on television stays at number two. Obviously this series has been fantastically successful and this final episode of the current run proved why as it gripped me from beginning to end as the feud between Sherlock and Moriarty escalated to the conclusion where the two met on a rooftop for a fatal duel. Thankfully creator Stephen Moffatt has confirmed a third series so we will see just what happened to Sherlock at the end of the series and hopefully that will come sooner rather than later in fact there are rumblings that it may air over Christmas.

3 [1] Dancing on Ice (Sun, ITV1)
Last week’s number one slips, or should that be skids, two places despite the fact that this second installment of the ice-skating extravaganza had some of the more interesting characters on it. In particular Laila ‘Big Mo’ Morse who didn’t embarrass herself too much but still got eliminated and Corey Feldman who did have couple of slip ups but just managed to survive. I do wonder now everybody has skated whether there will be a further slip in the charts or if it will stay steady we will have to say.

4 [3] Wild at Heart (Sun, ITV1)
More adventures from the English family living among the animals in Africa which is always as popular as ever even though it has suffered from being put up against Sherlock.

5 [4] Above Suspicion (Mon, ITV1)
The only programme in the top 5 that wasn’t aired on Sunday, it seems that a lot of people who tuned in for the first part of this crime drama were back for part two.

6 [9] DIY SOS: The Big Build (Wed, BBC1)
Once again the popularity of this programme baffles me and I don’t see the appeal of Nick Knowles tinker around in houses but it seems that again I’m in the minority.

7 [New] Masterchef (Tue, BBC1)
Cooking doesn’t get tougher than this and all that, yes John and Gregg were back for series eight and it seems a lot of you tuned in for Tuesday’s debut episode even if the next two parts slipped down in the ratings. Again this will be reviewed fully in my next blog.

8 [Re] Law and Order UK (Fri, ITV1)
After a week out of the chart this Bradley Walsh fronted crime drama leaps back up to the eighth position and more than that wins the Friday night drama war battle against Hustle which just missed out on a place in this week’s chart.

9 [8] Take Me Out (Sat, ITV1)
Paddy and the girls hold strong and maintain a strong figure in the ratings it seems this has become a favourite of a lot of people seeking something to watch on the goggle box before going out for a night on the town.

10 [10] Mrs Brown’s Boys (Mon, BBC1)
But I’m really not sure of the demographic who are still tuning into Brendan O’Carroll’s cross-dressing sitcom although I have to say I’ve caught my mother watching and laughing at it a couple of times, its suffice to say I am ashamed of her.

Right that’s your lot more next week.

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