TV Ratings Chart: Week Ending 27/01/12

Here’s this week’s ratings chart:

1 [1] Call the Midwife (Sun, BBC1)
Last week Call the Midwife’s debut episode got more viewers than Downton Abbey’s pilot episode which must’ve been a delight for the BBC. However ratings often go down after a show’s debut but not
in the case of this 1950s drama which has actually gained viewers since its debut. Part of the reason might be because this is a word of mouth hit and I can imagine offices full of people recommending this gentle teatime drama but I reckon that Miranda Hart’s debut as the clumsy but loveable Chummy had something to do with it. Hart has a large following any way and in her first major dramatic role since becoming a household name. Personally this isn’t the best drama on the box currently but I’m certainly glad that some sort of scripted programme is topping the chart rather than a reality show.
2 [3] Dancing on Ice (Sun, ITV1)
Talking of reality shows the skating extravaganza keeps going in the first week in which all fourteen contestants dancing. While it got more than one and half million less viewers than Call the Midwife this is still extremely popular and I wouldn’t be surprised if it kept a top three position for the rest of its run. This episode saw the celebrities compete in movie-themed routines before Mark of Sam and Mark was eliminated.

3 [4] Wild at Heart (Sun, ITV1)
Being sandwiched between the two episodes of Dancing on Ice has been beneficial to this African drama which I’ve not watched since they killed of Amanda Holden which to most people would be an incentive to become fans of the show.

4 [New] Birdsong (Sun, BBC1)
uktv birdsong 6 TV Ratings Chart: Week Ending 27/01/12
The only new entry this week is the fourth show in a row to air on Sunday night which saw over six million of the Call the Midwife crowd stick around to see this World War I drama which is reviewed in the main blog.

5 [5] Above Suspicion (Mon, ITV1)
Once again Above Suspicion becomes the only show to make the top five that didn’t air on Sunday once again I can’t give you anything more than that as I didn’t see it.

6 [10] Mrs Brown’s Boys (Mon, BBC1)
Talking of things I haven’t been watching the unfunny Mrs Brown’s Boys has been ‘entertaining’ a certain amount of the population but personally I think it’s about forty years out of date.

7 [7] Masterchef (Tue, BBC1)
Interestingly a lot of people seem to be tuning into the Tuesday show of Masterchef and then not watching the rest of the week which is good as from next week it is only being shown once a week bad news is that once a week is a Wednesday night so you’ll have to come back next week to see if it’s still in the top ten.

8 [9] Take Me Out (Sat, ITV1)
Paddy and the girls are holding strong in the chart as the dating show rolls on it is interesting that this is Saturday night’s highest rated show that is eligible for the list as it has been derided by critics but I feel it is just harmless fun that provides entertainment for those getting ready for a night on the town.

9 [Re] Hustle (Fri, BBC1)
The battle of the Friday night dramas rolls on with the conmen ahead of the coppers this week as Hustle rockets back into the chart at number nine.

10 [8] Law and Order UK (Fri, ITV1)
That means that this week Law and Order is trailing its rival but only by about twenty thousand people and in terms of TV ratings that’s not a lot.

More ratings at the same time next week.

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