TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 03/02/12

So here we are at the end of another week and that means the latest ratings chart based on the overnight ratings of non-soapy non long running shows.

1 [1] Call the Midwife (Sun, BBC1)
I don’t think the BBC was even expecting this to be as successful as it has been although it did have a built-in audience thanks to the book it seems to be word-of-mouth that has meant it continues to get the biggest ratings. This week we had the added benefit or Roy Hudd who makes this nostalgic show feel even more cosy.

2 [2] Dancing on Ice (Sun, ITV1)
One on one battles were the order of the day in the only non-scripted show to make this week’s top ten with the results show getting its best rating thusfar. The viewers tuned in to see the skaters perform the same routine up against one another and eventually saw Corey Feldman be the latest star to be eliminated.

3 [New] Whitechapel (Mon, ITV1)
PreviewFile1.jpg1 TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 03/02/12
ITV always does well on crime drama and the opening episode of Whitechapel’s third series shoots in at number three by a very small margin. As the review is in the blog I shan’t rant on about what happened but this now seems to have a regular audience who are compelled by the central relationship between Phil Davis and Rupert Penry-Jones as well as the creepy Edward Buchan. I think with these now being two-parters it will become more accessible and will gain a larger fanbase than in previous runs.

4 [3] Wild at Heart (Sun, ITV1)
More African adventures from the Brits abroad a programme which benefits from being sandwiched in between the two episodes of Dancing on Ice on a Sunday night.

5 [New] Midsomer Murders (Wed, ITV1)
I honestly don’t know whether to call this a new entry or a re-entry as Midsomer Murders episodes just pop up every so often usually when there’s no football on. Neil Dudgeon now seems to have settled in as the new Barnaby in this tale of a reported Headless Horseman.

6 [6] Mrs Brown’s Boys (Mon, BBC1)
I don’t even really want to waste my time typing about this nonsense but yet it’s here again and as David Jason’s The Royal Bodyguard is doing really badly this means people are turning in on purpose to watch this dated comedy.

7 [4] Birdsong (Sun, BBC1)
A bit of a tumble down the charts for the second and final part of Abi Morgan’s adaptation of Sebastian Faulks’ much-loved novel. I thought this was well-filmed and well-acted but it would’ve been more engaging had the story been followed a bit better.

8 [New] Prisoner’s Wives (Tue, BBC1)
One of the BBC’s two big new dramas, alongside 11th placed Inside Men, this soapy sisters are doing it for themselves is also reviewed this week in the main blog so I won’t say much about it apart from I’m not sure if it will maintain this audience as the weeks go on.

9 [9] Hustle (Fri, BBC1)
The Friday night drama battle continues at the bottom of the chart as the confidence artists are once again featuring in the ninth spot of the chart thanks to the fans wanting to catch every part of the final series.

10 [10] Law and Order UK (Fri, ITV1)
Meanwhile the Bradley Walsh fronted crime show is just lagging behind but is doing well considering that Hustle has been around a lot longer than this show.

OK next week more ratings and blogging from the world of TV

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