TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 10/02/12

We here once again with a look back at this week’s ratings which seem to have climbed somewhat possibly because of the dreadful weather people are staying in and watching more TV

1 [1] Call The Midwife (Sun, BBC1)
Another big week for the midwives who climb up even more in the ratings garnering over nine million viewers for the latest episode which saw Damian Lewis guest in a heart-breaking story while the rest of the nurses attended a dance.

2 [2] Dancing on Ice (Sun, ITV1)
As it slips, pun intended, further back from Call the Midwife the most competitive series of DOI lost another interesting character in Charlene Titlton but the competition seems a lot more intense than previous years which possibly counts for the high ratings.

3 [4] Wild at Heart (Sun, ITV1)
Climbing back up into its traditional number three spot it seems that Stephen Tompkinson and the animals are providing a sunny alternative to the snowy outdoors.

4 [6] Mrs Brown’s Boys (Sat, BBC1)
The final episode of the foul-mouthed cross-dressing Irish sitcom shifted days but in fact got better ratings in the post-Casulaty slot this means the BBC will recommission this tripe, why is everybody watching it? Please let me know.

5 [New] The Diamond Queen (Mon, BBC1)
From one fierce matriarch to another as the Queen’s jubilee is celebrated in this two-part documentary presented by Andrew Marr. As we are all ardent royalists in this country I’m not surprised that it performed best in its timeslot despite it being very one-sided.

6 [3] Whitechapel (Mon, ITV1)
With The Diamond Queen’s dominance it seems that the creepy crime thriller lost viewers despite this being the second part of a two-parter I personally would’ve thought that more people would’ve wanted to tune in to see the conclusion. I suppose there’s always the oft unreliable ITVPlayer though.

7 [New] Harry Hill’s TV Burp (Sat, ITV1)
Though I covered a lot of comedy in this week’s blog for some reason I missed out Hill in this which is rumoured to be his last series. Once again the soaps get it the neck as does Jodie Marsh’s weird bodybuilding show and of course The Hotel. It seems a shame that Hill is leaving but he has been presenting this show for ages and he probably wants a new challenge. It has already been announced that Hill is featuring on a new sports-related panel show but most likely he will go back home to Channel 4 and host the programme that he wants to do. I just hope that the TV Burp format isn’t repeated following Hill’s departure because let’s face it he is the big draw and nobody could deliver those jokes and facial expressions in the way that this man can.

8 [8] Prisoner’s Wives (Tue, BBC1)
b01bpmzc TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 10/02/12
Continuing to do good business it seems that this girls doing it for themselves drama has actually got more viewers after its first week a rarity especially for a programme that divided the critics but one that probably got good word of mouth from its first week audience.

9 [Re] Take Me Out (Sat, ITV1)
It was snowy on Saturday so not a lot of people went out and Paddy and the girls return to the chart after several weeks in the wilderness. This episode will go down in infamy for having the first couple who really couldn’t stand each other and it seems that since the episode aired the male half of this couple has got married.

10 [Re] The Magicians (Sat, BBC1)
For the first week since its debut this magic show has made a return the top ten again once again probably due to the horrid Saturday night weather and partly due to the fact that it’s a family favourite.

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