TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 17/02/12

In a week which was dominated by football and awards shows, neither of which that feature here, we have the weekly look back on the Top 10 of telly compiled in my ever so slapdash of styles

1 [1] Call the Midwife (Sun, BBC1)
The penultimate, as well as possibly the dullest, episode of Call the Midwife still kept it in the running for one of the most successful shows of the year so far. This time we saw the incestuous relationship between the elderly cleaning lady and her brother in addition to Minty from Eastenders having issues with his pigs while Miranda also demonstrated how best to use condoms. In other words another hour of safe cosy Sunday night entertainment that everybody seems to be lapping up.

2 [2] Dancing on Ice (Sun, ITV1)
It was time to see the back of the last of the more mature DOI contestants as fitness guru Rosemary Conley slid off after a month on the ice. This was apparently the lowest rated of the run so far possibly hit by The BAFTA coverage during the results show as well as the red carpet coverage elsewhere. I can see the show hitting its stride once again this week with a double elimination.

3 [3] Wild at Heart (Sun, ITV1)
We keep our top three in tact with the latest from the lions and tigers but I’m not sure there are any bears on this programme as I don’t really watch it but again it seems that I’m in the minority.

4 [6] Whitechapel (Mon, ITV1)
The start of a second double bill sees this escapist crime story continue and dominate Monday night once again as Penry-Jones, Davis and Pemberton make the oddest crime-solving trio on TV at the moment.

5 [5] The Diamond Queen (Mon, BBC1)
Whitechapel’s success means that the second part of this Andrew Marr vehicle about her majesty slips a little in the ratings but maintains its number five position. More insights on Elizabeth II from family members, friends and more importantly former prime ministers.

6 [Re] Hustle (Fri, BBC1)
Hustle Series 8 Episode 6 TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 17/02/12
The end of an era this week which saw the end of this con artist drama after a massive eight series and some star-making performances from Marc Warren and Jaime Murray who left the show several series ago. It seemed that Hustle fans and critics alike feel that this was possibly the right time to end the franchise before it became incredibly ludicrous and everyone involved probably has new projects involved even if that does mean seeing Robert Vaughn in Corrie. The final episode, of which I have watched the potted highlights, took the gang out in style by bringing back some familiar faces and setting up a scenario that may or may not see everyone return in one piece. Hopefully something like, enjoyable and clever will take Hustle’s place in the Friday night drama slot but as long as it doesn’t try and repeat the glory of this very likeable show then it should be okay.

7 [7] Harry Hill’s TV Burp (Sat, ITV1)
More of the same from TV Burp this week with Harry Hill’s departure from the show confirmed this will probably be the final series of this which is a damn shame.

8 [9] Take Me Out (Sat, ITV1)
Paddy and the girls get their best rating of this series as millions tuned in to see how the guy who insulted all of the female contestants got on on his nightmare of a date plus only two boys in this episode actually got to go to the mystical island of Fernandos.

9 [New] Big Fat Gyspy Weddings (Tue, C4)
A rare appearance in the Top 10 for a Channel 4 programme and one that I personally haven’t got a clue why people tune in for. I do offer some theories in my review of this new series below but it must have something to do with our voyeuristic need to look down on the gaudy dress sense of the travelling community.

10 [New] Britain’s Favourite Supermarket Foods (Wed, BBC1)
Surely you know what you like to buy from the supermarket? Obviously not as was evident by the large amount of people who tuned in to this programme on Wednesday night either that or they just wanted an alternative to the footie.

More ratings news same time, same place next week.

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