TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 24/02/12

As usual it’s the weekend so let’s get into some ratings news with this week’s big omission being The Brit Awards as I’ve said before I don’t allow live concerts or awards show tarnish this countdown

1 [1] Call the Midwife (Sun, BBC1)
The final episode of the BBC’s biggest dramatic hit for ages was always going to top this chart and in an episode which saw Monica Joan arrested, Jenny’s love troubles heighten and Chummy get married it just leaves me wondering how successful the next series will be and what will take Call the Midwife’s spot on next week’s chart.

2 [2] Dancing on Ice (Sun, ITV1)
To be fair the answer is probably Dancing on Ice despite it slipping even further in the ratings in an episode which saw technical skill put to the test and a week in which Heidi from the Sugababes and that free-running guy both exited the competition.

3 [New] Let’s Dance for Sport Relief (Sat, BBC1)
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I didn’t write about this new series in the main blog so a bit about it here as it takes the number three slot seems apt. Now in its fourth series the charity dance competition has often welcomed men dressed as women as its winners that was until last year those two guys did that awesome Laurel and Hardy routine. This year’s first two finalists were Jane and Kim from Eastenders who were great as Lady Gaga and Beyonce from the Telephone video and then this year’s drag act was bald comic Terry Alderton who donned a dodgy looking wig to play Tina Turner. For me though the best act of the night were third placed Tony Blackburn and David Hamilton who just blew my mind by performing a dance routine to Salt N Peppa’s Push It. Despite it being a bit all over the place you still have to watch Let’s Dance as it’s for charity and that’s why I suppose it was one of the most watched programmes of last week.

4 [New] Upstairs Downstairs (Sun, BBC1)
I have reviewed this in the main blog but I’m not surprised that loads of people stuck around to watch Heidi Thomas’ new series after her current one Call the Midwife finished. Upstairs Downstairs is perfect Sunday night TV but after the lacklustre first episode I think the ratings will drop for tonight’s second instalment.

5 [New] Benidorm (Fri, ITV1)
Also back this week was this bawdy comedy which is still immensely popular and this series welcomed Loose Women’s Sherrie Hewson to its cast as the new manager of the shoddy resort in which the sitcom is set.

6 [5] The Diamond Queen (Mon, BBC1)
The last episode of Andrew Marr’s look back at our Queen’s sixty years as monarch ended with more talking heads bigging up her majesty as the jubilee celebrations really begin to kick in next stop that big concert.

7 [3] Wild at Heart (Sun, ITV1)
A bad week for ITV dramas as Wild at Heart feels the force of been scheduled up against Upstairs Downstairs and new US drama Homeland but then again it is still a safe viewing choice for a lot of people.

8 [4] Whitechapel (Mon, ITV1)
Also suffering the influx of new shows is the second part of the second story in the grisly murder mystery drama with Steve Pemberton once again standing out as the best thing about this show.

9 [8] Take Me Out (Sat, ITV1)
A slightly nerdy man who is addicted to the colour red was the highlight of the latest dating series featuring the always entertaining Paddy McGuiness

10 [Re] Masterchef (Wed, BBC1)
Rounding out the chart is a return to form for Masterchef in this episode the final six cooked for some important people before Michel Roux Jr. returned to sample fine dining and my favourite contestant failed to make the final five.

OK more ratings next week.

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