TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 02/03/12

Here we are again with another week of ratings goodness

1 [2] Dancing on Ice (Sun, ITV1)
No surprise here with the loss of Call the Midwife and some ineligible shows in its place it seemed that DOI’s chart ascension was to be predicted. With the loss of Sam of Sam and Mark fame there are only so many skaters left now, I don’t know I don’t watch it, but there are rumours that this may well be the last series but will anybody miss it if does go?

2 [7] Wild at Heart (Sun, ITV1)
Also feeling the benefit of Call the Midwife’s finale is the jungle based animal family shenanigans on Wild at Heart which climbs a massive five places cementing its popularity once again.

3 [5] Benidorm (Fri, ITV1)
A week in which ITV dominates also sees its one successful sitcom settle in for what I imagine will be another great run with this week seeing Matthew Kelly guest host as a camp dancing judge.

4[4] Upstairs Downstairs (Sun, BBC1)
A bit of a drop in the ratings if not in the chart itself, Upstairs Downstairs is suffering from some poor writing and character development but it does have a built-in fanbase and is a show that seems suited to its Sunday night slot.

5 [8] Whitechapel (Mon, ITV1)
A programme that seems to move up and down the chart this week settles in midway as its final case gets underway there’s more underworld crime and horror related mischief for the coppers and Steve Pemberton to solve.

6 [3] Let’s Dance for Sport Relief (Sat, BBC1)
The drop in ratings was either due to the fact that people remembered how tacky this show was after one week or that former TOWIE stars Amy and Harry were performing. In fact fair play to these two because they were great but despite that they lost to Rev’s Miles Jupp who’s Firestarter routine was great and saw him join Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards in the final.

7 [9] Take Me Out (Sat, ITV1)
A white-haired busker was the highlight of the latest episode of this pre-pub dating show but once again it was all about Paddy McGuiness who waved goodbye to one of his original girls the warm-hearted Northern dimwit Bec.

8 [New] Pointless Celebrities (Sat, BBC1)
pointless quiz opt TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 02/03/12
My favourite weekday game show hits primetime Saturday nights and does extremely well in its early evening timeslot. With celebs including Christopher Biggins, John Culshaw and Joe Swash competing it may’ve been people just tuning into see these cultural icons demonstrate their stupidity. But I think that this programme has such a cult following that its word-of-mouth greatness trickled through to those who have the opportunity to watch it on the weekend. Plenty of fun to be had trying to remember countries that don’t have the same letter in them twice or trying to see if Joe Swash and his mum actually know the names of any American presidents. But at the end of the day we all know its about the interplay between host Alexander Armstrong and his Pointless friend the great Richard Osman. Well that’s how I see it in my mind anyway.

9 [Re] Harry Hill’s TV Burp (Sat, ITV1)
Harry Hill’s ratings are up after lots of people figured his satirical look at the week’s telly would be more entertaining than Let’s Dance and to be fair it really was.

10 [New] Kidnap and Ransom (Thurs, ITV1)
Though Trevor Eve’s hostage negotiator drama kicked off last week it just failed to creep into the charts but this week it just made it in. As those of you who read my review know this is all about a bus load of tourists in India who are held hostage and only the bloke from Waking the Dead can save them. It’s basically your bog-standard thriller but a tense story and an OTT performance from Eve make it work.

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