TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 30/03/12

1 [New] Britain’s Got Talent (Sat, ITV1)
JOHNATHAN+AND+CHARLOTTE+BRITAINS+GOT+TALENT+2012+EPISODE+1 TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 30/03/12
So yes it was BGT who ultimately won with average overnights ratings of 9.43 million not including the plus one show. I would put this down to several factors one being that the competition on BBC1 wasn’t as strong as it was as ITV1′s schedule, which included the final TV Burp, up against The Voice. As I’ve gone over what happened on the show I won’t repeat myself however it was opera singer Jonathan’s segment that got the biggest audience with almost 10 and a half million tuning in by the end of the show. As I said before this was a fairly predictable Simon Cowell moment a guy who doesn’t look the part but can sing and who will be well promoted as the show goes through to its next stages. Though the battle has kind of been won The Voice can also claim a slight victory as you will see below.

2 [New] The Voice (Sat, BBC1)
OK so overall The Voice had lower average ratings but the at its peak it got more viewers than the average that Britain’s Got Talent got. Most notably this programmed debuted with higher numbers than the opening of both the first series of The X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. In addition the twenty minute overlap was comfortably won by The Voice which garnered more than a million viewers in its final moments than those that tuned in for the first portion of Britain’s Got Talent. From reading some of the comments around the net people really enjoyed The Voice more so than its ITV rival so only time will tell which comes out on top but like most of you I will be watching both.

3 [1] Dancing on Ice (Sun, ITV1)
With the two big new hitters predictably getting the top two positions the final episode of this run of Dancing on Ice comes in at number three however overall it is has performed well especially in the weeks where it wasn’t up against the wildly popular Call the Midwife. Although I never really watched it past the first couple of weeks it turned out that the bloke from Emmerdale beat Hollyoaks girl and Chico in the final. It’s a shame for me as I’d put a fiver on Big Mo to win.

4 [New] Titanic (Sun, ITV1)
The only programme in the top five that doesn’t fall into the reality competition genre is what was the most expensive TV drama ever made. Again I have written several reviews of Julian Fellowes’ Titanic I won’t really go on about here but an average audience of just seven million and mediocre reviews aren’t what ITV were hoping for seeing as they spent so much money on this. In terms of ratings it certainly hasn’t done as well as the last series of Downton and due to the feedback I’ve had I’m not sure how many people will be tuning in for episode two tomorrow.

5 [2] The Apprentice (Wed, BBC1)
It’s a shame for The Apprentice that it is airing during this big reality show season however it has got the largest number of viewers for a show that wasn’t aired during the weekend. Episode two featured the creation of a new household gadget with highlights include a bin for vegetarians, Maria falling asleep and one of the biggest maths cock-ups in the show’s history. For more on this week’s episode go to UnrealityTV primetime and scan down for all my reviews.

6 [3] Scott & Bailey (Mon, ITV1)
A case of false advertising this week as Lesley Sharp’s Janet Scott didn’t feature this episode instead it was more Bailey & Murray as Rachel joined her superior Gill on the road to track down a copycat killer of young girls. As always it’s the writing that makes the show so good and as Gill is the best character in the show it was good to see more of her this week.

7 [7] Benidorm (Fri, ITV1)
More bawdy humour featuring the holiday-makers as they engage in karaoke, shared memories and espionage in equal measure. A very popular sitcom but for me I feel it’s seen better days.

8 [New] The Syndicate (Tues, BBC1)
Again another show that I’ve reviewed in more detail elsewhere I think the BBC will be happy that this midweek drama has done so well as I feel it didn’t receive much promotion and other than Timothy Spall it doesn’t really have much star power behind it.

9 [8] Take Me Out (Sat, ITV1)
It seems that following on from Britain’s Got Talent helped the ratings for Take Me Out as a lot more people tuned in to see another episode of the popular dating show.

10 [9] Upstairs Downstairs (Sun, BBC1)
Ending with a whimper instead of a bang the finale of Upstairs Downstairs was up against Titanic so was already fighting a losing battle but I think this costume drama was just a bit tedious for most viewers to keep up with.

OK next week we’ll see if Britain’s Got Talent is able to keep its lead against The Voice in next week’s ratings chart.

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