TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 20/04/12

Back once again with your weekend ratings updates.

1 [1] The Voice (Sat, BBC1)
The gap between The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent widens as the former reaches the final blind auditions. I feel that what The Voice has given people is something that is about real talent and the more people talk about it at work on Monday morning the more others will want to tune in. It will still be interesting to see how the show does in the ratings after the Battle Rounds are through.

2 [2] Britain’s Got Talent (Sat, ITV1)
BGT continued to entertain with wheelchair dancing, camp performance and some great teen singers however the viewers seem to be more and more disinterested thankfully the dreaded 20 minute overlap will leave us next week so there may be a different looking at the top of the chart next week.

3 [4] Silent Witness (Sun, BBC1)
More pathology madness continues to dominate Sunday nights however the number fell on Monday night to the extent in which the show was beaten by its ITV rival.

4 [3] The Apprentice (Wed, BBC1)
Week Five of The Apprentice saw Team Phoenix get a fluke win and the brilliant Duane Bryan fall by the wayside after being knocked out by The Fitness that is Ricky Martin. This year’s series seems to have a steady following now with the general consensus being that this is much nicer than in previous years but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

5 [5] Have I Got News For You (Fri, BBC1)
Jo Brand hosted an episode of the satirical news quiz and proved why she’s one of their most reliable guests as she adds her own opinions to what is written on the autocue. Thankfully Ian Hislop once again trounced his rival Piers Morgan whose Life Stories didn’t even figure in the Top Ten.

6 [6] The Syndicate (Tues, BBC1)
The+Syndicate+ +Denise+LORRAINE+BRUCE+Jamie+MATTHEW+LEWIS+Bob+TIMOTHY+SPALL+Leanne+JOANNA+PAGE+Stuart+MATTHEW+McNULTY TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 20/04/12
The lottery drama is doing steady figures in the ratings as we learnt more about Joanna Page’s Leanne’s past and why she is constantly paranoid. This well written well drawn show proves there is still a market for heart-warming character-driven comedy drama.

7 [8] Scott & Bailey (Mon, ITV1)
Those of you who read my UnrealityTV reviews now that I’m actively in love with this series about female police officers which has actually won the battle over BBC1′s Silent Witness just wish even more people would watch it and push it up the charts further.

8 [7] Long Lost Family (Thurs, ITV1)
The weepy reunions continued on Thursday night with a mother and daughter bought back together in South Africa while a sister met the brother who left home forty years ago after being kicked out of the house for being gay.

9 [9] Not Going Out (Fri, BBC1)
Lots of jokes about sticking fingers up bums and the return of Bobby Ball as Lee Mack’s dad meant the laughs were flowing once again on Friday nights and this show retained its strong position in the charts.

10 [New] The Cube (Sat, ITV1)
Rounding off the chart is the return of Phil Schofield’s game show which falls into the slot left by Take Me Out. Nothing really to say on this subject only that this always has a steady following so there’s no surprise it rocks up here at least for now.

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