TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 27/04/12

As always on a weekend we take a look back at this week’s TV in ratings.

1 [1] The Voice (Sun BBC1)
So with the lack of overlap The Voice very slightly overtook BGT on Saturday night however if you add in BGT’s +1 figures then they won. However The Voice now have a sneaky Sunday show which from tonight onwards will be the results show but last week was the second instalment of the battle rounds which incidentally was all in all quite a bad show. The acts, the singing and especially some of the decisions were dodgy to say the least while the heavy editing of some of the battle rounds was, in my opinion at least, disrespectful to those left in the contest. It’ll be interesting to see how many people will be hanging around for the live shows but that will all be revealed next week.

2 [2] Britain’s Got Talent (Sat, ITV1)
The Ed Sheeran-esque The Loveable Rogues as well as a Spanish Tina Turner impersonator were the highlights of another also-ran edition of the weekly talent show which only has one more week before it goes into its final stages.

3 [4] The Apprentice (Wed, BBC1)
Steady climbing figures once again for Lord Sugar’s boardroom battle as it reaches the halfway stages. We saw the teams heading to Scotland with Jenna’s team spending too much on beef while Adam made small cheap balls. Football fans and a tour bus meant Adam lost the task however self-proclaimed Blonde Assassin Katie was chosen to leave in what I felt should’ve been a double firing.

4 [3] Silent Witness (Sun, BBC1)
The Sunday slot is still dominated by Emilia Fox and co however they are still losing by a small margin for their second-part Monday night slot to the show that is now in sixth position.

5 [6] The Syndicate (Tues, BBC1)
Kay Mellor’s lottery drama goes out on a high with a place in the top five with this final episode seeing Neville from Harry Potter die but Timothy Spall recover from his brain tumour so essentially everybody got their just desserts.

6 [7] Scott & Bailey (Mon, ITV1)
The penultimate episode of this female-centric cop drama saw Rachel considering reuniting with her estranged mother while Janet learnt why Dave had been acting so add towards her. As always an excellent show even if the central investigation made me slightly uncomfortable.

7 [5] Have I Got News For You (Fri, BBC1)
The satirical news quiz dips slightly in the ratings this week despite having a host who was clearly enjoying himself in Damian Lewis maybe more people were intrigued with what was on the other side and is at number ten in this week’s chart.

8 [8] Long Lost Family (Thurs, ITV1)
Steady figures continue for the reunion show where Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell managed to get a son and mother back together however another daughter seeking her mother was less successful although she did find some new siblings.

9 [New] Vera (Sun, ITV1)
VERA 2012 2 TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 27/04/12
I feel a disappointing opening rating for ITV1′s big crime drama although I think some of this can be attributed to it being scheduled against The Voice’s second lot of battle rounds. Though I’ll post a link to my Unrealitytv review shortly I think this show survives thanks to Brenda Blethyn’s blustering performance as DCI Vera Stanhope the no-nonsense figure who has had to slow down following an angina diagnosis from her GP. With the first crime having a personal tinge to it this opening episode allowed Blethyn to demonstrate more emotion set against the Northumberland scenery.

10 [New] Piers Morgan’s Life Stories (Fri, ITV1)
After a continuing Twitter spat between Morgan and Ian Hislop over who will do the better ratings on a Friday night it seems the latter has won thanks to Have I Got News’ continued success. However Morgan’s show seems to be creeping up slowly but surely after this week’s show did the best ratings yet however that might just be due to some perves wanting to gawp at guest Carol Vorderman for a whole hour.

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