TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 18/05/12

We have got a couple of proper blogs on the way in the next couple of days but for now here’s you weekly ratings round-up.

1 [1] Britain’s Got Talent (Sat, ITV1)
Well I think it was inevitable wasn’t it? With the big build-up that last week’s semi-finals had I feel that Britain’s Got Talent was always going to top this week’s chart however the final has become the most-watched programme of the year so far. In a result that most of us found fair enough Ashleigh and dog Pudsey won the show with their Mission: Impossible style dance routine pipping opera singers Jonathan and Charlotte into second place. From a ratings point-of-view it has been a topsy-turvy time for BGT from the dreaded twenty minute over-lap shennnigans to losing the top ratings on Saturday nights and finally becoming the most watched show of the year. This success means that the show will definitely be back next year and I for one think if they keep the format in place that they had this year than the ratings should be solid once again.

2 [2] The Voice (Sun, BBC1)
A really disappointing weekend for The Voice with the lowest Saturday night ratings since the show begun while the Sunday nights results show did slightly better it’s no longer hitting the heights that it once did with the word-of-mouth blind audition rounds. As I’ve mentioned previously every week The Voice goes on we will see Reality TV fatigue start to set in especially when it’s just people singing the same songs we’ve heard before as it has unfortunately all been done before.

3 [3] The Apprentice (Wed, BBC1)
Week nine now in a series of The Apprentice which has done really well in the ratings, apart from the weeks its been up against some football, so I’m not surprised they’re advertising a new series to start in the near future. This week it was all about promoting English sparkling wine with most people getting drunk but Jenna committing the ultimate sin when she dared to make a humorous promotional video for the product and was fired, but at least it was with regret.

4 [New] Silk (Tues, BBC1)
Silk 008 TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 18/05/12
The highest rated fictional programme of the week is the return of the excellent legal drama Silk which welcomed brilliant character actors into the fold this series including Frances Barber and Phil Davis. An opening court case played out over the final twenty minutes of the show meant that Silk was back with a bang and I’m just glad that the ratings reflected this.

5 [5] Have I Got News For You (Fri, BBC1)
Kathy Burke’s guest host gig coupled with unsuccessful mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone as one of the panellists meant that HIGNFY kept its place in this top five.

6 [New] Lewis (Wed, ITV1)
A new series of Lewis which a lot of people believed to have started on Sunday night when a repeat was put in the place of that night’s Vera which didn’t air due to its controversial storyline. The ratings for the Wednesday episode were only slightly better than the repeat however this was mainly due to the fact that it was up against The Apprentice.

7 [4] Planet Earth Live (Sun, BBC1)
Richard Hammond and Julia Bradbury returned throughout the week with more updates on bears and the like so despite some critical bashing I bet their glad that people are still watching.

8 [6] Not Going Out (Fri, BBC1)
The Friday night comedy block is still going strong with the final episode of Lee Mack’s smutty sitcom ending on a high with its best rating to date. The great ratings have been met with applause by the BBC who have commissioned the show for another two series however disappointingly it seems that Tim Vine will not be returning meaning that the comic timing between he and Mack will be missing from any future series.

9 [New] DIY SOS (Wed, BBC1)
Nick Knowles returns with his version of Extreme Makeover: Live Edition and makes people all over the nation cry with tales of great bravery from those who he is fixing house up for.

10 [8] Piers Morgan’s Life Stories (Fri, ITV1)
OK so I have to admit when I’m wrong, which doesn’t happen too often, but it was this week’s Piers Morgan programme that featured Lulu not last week’s that did indeed feature Dennis Waterman. It does also seem that there was more interest in the Scottish diva than in the abusive actor as this episode did slightly better than last week’s. If it’s still in the chart next week I will endeavour to find out who the guest is on the right programme.

OK so that’s your lot from a ratings perspective but more coming up. Remember follow me on Twitter @mattstvworld & follow Mattstvworld on Facebook.

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