TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 01/06/12

OK Bumper Bank Holiday weekend over it’s time to get back to the business of blogging with last week’s ratings taking a rather royal turn. Also just a reminder that there’s no live football or award ceremonies included in this Top 10

1 [New] Prince Charles’ Jubilee Tribute to The Queen (Fri, BBC1)
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Obviously this upcoming week will feature much more of the Jubilee celebrations however last week’s ratings battle was won by the Prince of Wales’ tribute to his dear old mum. Complete with footage of her reign and his comments about her this was one for royalists everywhere just setting the right tone before the massive weekend itself.

2 [1] The Apprentice (Wed, BBC1)
The best non-royal programme of the week, although this did feature a sir, this saw the final five contestants trying to develop a luxury brand with Sugar having the final say on who wouldn’t make the final. While Ricky and Tom’s male grooming brand was a bit bland their slick sales pitch was enough to see them win the task after Project Manager Adam bumbled over his speech when presenting confectionary brand Sweet Thing. In the boardroom Adam went, with regret of course, with Sugar telling him to stay in touch though the majority of you will already know who’s one we’ll leave that till next week’s ratings chart.

3 [4] Silk (Tues, BBC1)
Now I’m a massive fan of Silk but even I’m a little shocked to see it doing as well in the ratings as it has been doing as people don’t tend to go for quality drama in this way. I suppose if it was on BBC2 then it wouldn’t fare as well but this slick legal drama is the best thing on the box by a country mile and would’ve been better served put on a little later as to counter-programme against a tedious summer of sport. In this, the third episode of the series, we saw the focus put on Rupert Penry-Jones’ Clive Reader who went back to his old Oxford College to prosecute a bunch of posh lads accused of sexually assaulting a waitress.

4 [5] Lewis (Wed, ITV1)
Lewis was also stomping around the hallowed halls of Oxford this week, though he does that most weeks, as a student was bumped off while babysitting. His investigation took in a very saucy artist as well as two scientists who were doing experiments on monkeys, so another fun day at the office then.

5 [2] The Voice (Sun, BBC1)
How the mighty have fallen as the semi-final results show was meant to at least perk up the ratings a little bit with the Saturday show providing little growth despite being a lead in for the Eurovision Song Contest. I feel there will be big shake-ups come season two however in a little spoiler I can tell you that the final does do a little bit better in next week’s chart.

6 [8] DIY SOS: The Big Build (Wed, BBC1)
Really nothing to say about Nick Knowles once again except to ask the question, why are you all watching him?

7 [6] Have I Got News For You (Fri, BBC1)
A truly classic episode of HIGNFY doesn’t seem to draw big ratings this week despite Alistair Campbell in the host’s chair squaring off with number one critic Ian Hislop. Maybe it was the thought of seeing the spin doctor in any capacity but even the guests, Nick Hewer and Ross Noble, should’ve been enough for a bigger audience than the one that the satirical news quiz received.

8 [9] Long Lost Family (Thurs, ITV1)
Davina and Nicky wrap up the second series of reuniting estranged family members with news that a third series will be coming soon.

9 [7] 56 Up (Mon, ITV1)
Michael Apted’s landmark documentary series comes to an end with a promise of another series in seven years’ time.

10 [New] Chatsworth (Mon, BBC1)
The BBC’s latest show looking round a Stately Home gains a place on this list only due to the number of ineligible shows that garnered higher ratings but were disallowed due to my strict rules.

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