TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 08/06/12

As ever a little later than normal last week’s ratings have a very royal theme however due to my not allowing live concerts the Royal Jubilee effort, which was the highest rated programme of the year so far, hasn’t been allowed in the chart instead here’s the Top 10.

1. [5] The Voice UK (Sat, BBC1)
The Voice UK semi final results Leanne Tom TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 08/06/12
Obviously when it comes to ratings over the past few weeks the one thing people have been talking about the most is how poorly The Voice has been doing however it bought it back during the final being the highest rated non-concert programme of the week. Since the final aired it seems eventual winner Leanne Mitchell’s debut single has charted outside the Top 40 so it seems that changes need to be made in order for the next series of The Voice to have more of an impact. In my personal opinion I don’t think enough time was spent getting to know the final contestants and to that respect I would say either make the number of eligible team members less or increase the battle rounds as for me twenty finalists is far too many. The problem is that the blind auditions, the most popular stage of the competition, would have to be shortened in order to do this but then at least the finals wouldn’t seem as much of a rushed job as they had been. Overall though I quite enjoyed the show it just seemed to end very abruptly and didn’t give me time to care about the various singers.

2. [New] Gary Barlow: On her Majesty’s Secret Service (Mon, BBC1)
The royalists are represented in the next two programmes kicking off with Gary Barlow’s attempt to get an OBE by journeying round the commonwealth countries sampling the sounds of each nation. I have to say I enjoyed this documentary, or at least its gentle nature helped me cure the hangover I’d been nursing, and the end product was a nice enough tune which has rocketed its way to number one thanks to some help from those hit makers The Military Wives.

3. [New] William at 30 (Thurs, ITV1)
As a professional reviewer I had to watch this and I’m completely shocked that this rehashing of talking heads and much-seen news footage became ITV’s most-watched factual programme of the year with even more people tuning in to see this than they did 56 Up. The overall gist of the thing was that William had to deal with a lot over his young life but at the same time was just ‘a normal guy’ I just got a bit fed up hearing that over and over again.

4. [2] The Apprentice (Sun, BBC1)
It’s a shame that a royal heavy has pushed the final of The Apprentice down to fourth place however the revelation that Ricky Martin was the winner actually gave the ratings a push but overall the average was less than usual as business plans were scrutinised by Claude and Margaret among others. Overall the ratings for this series of The Apprentice have been impressive and it seems like people are much more willing to stick with a programme where you actually get to know people’s personalities even if those people are irritating beyond belief.

5. [4] Lewis (Wed, ITV1)
A cameo from David Soul was enough to bolster ratings for ITV1′s safe-as-houses detective drama Lewis comes to an end with yet another tale of sinister goings-on around Oxford’s many colleges.

6. [3] Silk (Tues, BBC1)
Possibly the weakest episode of the BBC legal drama to date saw Martha defend a prison van driver accused of negligence while a new law student popped up on the scene and Clive worried about his letter from the bar association. Things do get better this week though so I implore all Silk fans to stay tuned.

7. [7] Have I Got News For You (Fri, BBC1)
An extra ten minutes meant some additional viewers to this slightly later edition of the satirical news quiz as Kirsty Young, as ever, was on fire as guest host while panellists Greg Davies and Victoria Coren also added something special to the show.

8. [Re] Vera (Sun, ITV1)
The episode that was pulled a couple of weeks ago due to the death of soldiers in Afghanistan, the third instalment of Vera was re-aired as ITV’s opposition to The Apprentice final and as you can see it didn’t do as well but still drew respectable figures.

9. [6] DIY SOS: The Big Build (Wed, BBC1)
Every week I struggle to find something witty to say about this programme however it is tumbling down the chart so next week maybe I won’t have to write anything at all about Nick Knowles demolishing houses.

10. [New] The Graham Norton Show (Fri, BBC1)
A surprise entry here for a post-news show namely Graham Norton, a programme that each week makes me laugh, who welcomed onto his sofa both Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry however most of the amusement came from third guest Ross Noble who took the piss royally out of his fellow Geordie.

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