TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 15/06/12

An interesting week for the ratings chart as my no football, no repeats rule means that a lot of new shows make the list as Euro 2012 dominates the schedules it’s interesting to see what people who aren’t sporty are watching instead.

1 [6] Silk (BBC1, Tues)
As it does well on a regular week-by-week basis I’m not surprised to see the superb legal drama top this week’s charts by quite a high margin. In this week’s penultimate episode Martha did double duty taking of Fatima Ali’s case from Clive as well as trying to plead for the life of a man on death row in the Caribbean. In addition we saw Caroline try to join Shoe Lane Chambers and Billy discover that he may have cancer stories that will be wrapped up in this week’s finale. Personally I’m so glad that Silk has topped this week’s chart as it is one of the best British dramas currently on TV with my only criticism being that it is leaving us far too soon.

2 [10] The Graham Norton Show (BBC1, Fri)
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Norton’s show has always garnered quite a big following and in this week’s chart he takes a massive leap to number two due to the football-heavy schedules. This episode has been clouded in controversy thanks to guest Russell Brand criticising Norton for bringing up his divorce, to last week’s guest Katy Perry, during his interview which in my opinion made him look a bit like a prima donna. Rihanna and Emily Blunt were the other two guests in what was, as always, an entertaining bit of Friday night fun.

3 [New] Britain’s Lot Routes with Griff Rhys Jones (BBC1, Thurs)
So now we’re on to the first of eight shows charting for the first time thanks to the football kicking off with yet another travelogue from GRJ this time journeying round this country to find some of the areas that aren’t focused on as much as the others. As always this was a quaint bit of programming that existed mainly for non-football fans to look at parts of the countryside from the safety of their own living rooms.

4 [New] You’ve Been Framed (ITV1, Sat)
The nation’s favourite home video show once again makes an appearance in the chart and is the only non-repeat programme to do any decent ratings for ITV1 last week this is of course not counting any football matches.

5 [New] 24 Hours in A&E (C4, Wed)
One of my favourite documentaries becomes an alternative to football for a lot of viewers who this week saw one man being sandwiched between a canal barge and bridge while we also followed a lovely old woman who had terminal cancer.

6 [New] Antiques Road Trip (BBC2, Mon)
A perennial favourite for the older generation here which makes it into the chart for the first time once again because of the dreaded sports coverage.

7 [New] Springwatch (BBC2, Mon)
Chris Packham and company return with more bird-watching of the feathered variety of course one of the joys of the show is watching out for Packham slipping in song titles to his exposition and this year he’s decided to go all David Bowie on us.

8 [New] Mock the Week (BBC2, Thurs)
With no new Have I Got News For You this week it’s up to Dara O’Briain and the boys to fill the gap with a much broader comedy styling than Hislop and Merton give us on a weekly basis.

9 [New] The Men Who Made Us Fat (BBC2, Thurs)
A documentary all about how high calorie food was marketed by the ad men this programme probably watched, ironically, by people stuffing their faces with dinner or post-meal snacks.

10 [New] Great Ormond Street (BBC2, Tues)
And finally the lovely little series about the great work that is done at the country’s most famous children’s hospital gets a well-deserved chart placing and maybe one next week as well.

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