TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 22/06/12

Another football-heavy week means another interesting ratings chart which as always doesn’t do live sport just like its compiler.

1 [1] Silk (Wed, BBC1)
Not a great week ratings wise for any shows however Silk’s final episode suffered its lowest rating yet mainly due to the fact that it was shifted from its usual Tuesday night spot to Wednesday just because the other channel were screening a football match. Ironically I reckon if they had aired Silk against the football it would probably have done just as well in the ratings as at the end of the day people like consistency. For me personally I enjoyed how the majority of the storylines were wrapped up as Martha finally got one over on Micky, Billy sorted out that business with Clive, Caroline became a member of Shoe Lane and Billy also discovered if he did indeed have cancer. It was a wonderful end to a fantastic TV series which, as I’ve said many times before, ended far too soon for my liking however thankfully we’ve already been promised a third series so there’s that to look forward to at least.

2 [2] The Graham Norton Show (Fri, BBC1)
More hijinks and japes from Norton as this week we saw an interesting friendship grow between Will.i.am and Miriam Margolyes as the latter chastised the former for constantly using the world ‘like’ when describing things. As always the Norton show is full of laugher, due mainly to the combination of guests he has on each week, and I have to say this was definitely one of the funniest to date.

3[New] True Love (Sun, BBC1)
bbc true love david tennant ashley walters billie piper TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 22/06/12
As part of my job as a TV reviewer I had to sit through all five instalments of Dominic Savage’s partly-improvised drama focusing on romantic entanglements against a Margate backdrop. The opening episode, which aired on Sunday, pulled in the biggest rating as David Tennant did his usual nice guy role but still decided to cheat on wife Joanne Froggat with first love Vicky McClure. Personally I wasn’t a big fan of episode one however I thought the series really got into the groove in episode three when focusing on Billie Piper’s put-upon teacher who began a relationship with one of her female students. Inconsistent it may’ve been but at least True Love provided a bit of something different away from the footie.

4 [New] The Walton Sextuplets: Moving On (Mon, ITV1)
ITV1 seem to be promoting more and more documentaries at the moment and this one focusing on the Walton girls 27 years after their birth did very well on Monday. The Waltons famously left the private eye aged eighteen however this caught up with them all to see how they were doing and it seems there was still enough interest around them for a lot of people to tune in.

5 [5] 24 Hours in A&E (Wed, C4)
An episode presented in tribute to Whitney Houston shows King’s College accident and emergency unit on the night that the singer died. This gave the opportunity for a lot of staff to show off their singing voices while they also treated a girl who had fallen off a table dancing to a Whitney tune. Though as always there were more serious stories such as the girl who had renal failure and the teenage boy who’d fallen off a second storey balcony.

6 [New] Primeval (Sat, ITV1)
Quite a low rating for a new series of the dino-drama only it’s not a new series but one that debuted on Watch early last year. Essentially its more of the same as Ben Miller, Hannah from S Club 7 and the rest run around trying to stop CGI beasts gobbling up any modern day civilians.

7 [New] King George and Queen Mary: The Royals Who Rescued the Monarchy (Mon, BBC2)
It seems we can’t escape from the royals, despite it being weeks after the jubilee we’re still getting documentaries about kings and queens not that the majority of the viewing public mind. Take this look back at King George V and his Queen in which a bunch of historians revealed how they’d revolutionised the way people view the monarchy plus the influence they’d had on today’s monarchy. I have to say it’s not my cup of tea but it seems to speak to an audience who have little to no interest in the sporting endeavours going on on the other side.

8 [New] Natural World (Mon, BBC2)
Natural World always revels in the quirky side of the animal documentary with this episode being no different as it followed a bunch of unique Londoners and their love of animals.

9 [New] 8 Out of 10 Cats (Fri, C4)
There’s no real surprise that this episode of Channel 4′s long-running satirical quiz made it into the top ten after the revelations about host Jimmy Carr’s tax dealings. For most, including your writer, it evoked memories of the episode of Have I Got News For You after the discovery of Angus Deyton’s nocturnal activities. In the case of Carr he took it all in good humour apologising whole-heartedly for his mistakes and I have to say it was one of the funniest episodes of the show in years.

10 [9] The Men Who Made Us Fat (Thurs, BBC2)
Rounding out the top ten, no pun intended, is the second episode of Jacques Perretti’s investigation into why Brits are so obese. In this episode he tackles fast food and looks at how advertisers made us think we needed to eat more than we should.

So next week there’s less football but there is tennis so we’ll see what tops the chart when we return at around the same time.

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