TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 29/06/12

So one final week of football, plus the start of Wimbledon, means that we’ve another interesting ratings chart to look at.

1 [New] Strictly Kosher (Mon, ITV1)
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The first part of ITV’s documentary about the Jewish community in Manchester certainly proved controversial after my review of the show garnered tons of response over how the subject of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict wasn’t addressed at all. I feel though that the tone that ITV1 was going for was a sort of light-hearted one but unfortunately after they covered the plight of a Manchester-based Holocaust survivor, who had given up his Jewish faith following his harrowing youth in the concentration camps, everything got a bit serious. Strictly Kosher’s main subjects though were lapse Jew and clothes shop owner Joel, whose lack of faith had caused his business to suffer, plus more devout couple John and Bernette the latter of whom travelled to Israel to be with her daughter. I felt the subject of the documentary was ultimately more broad than it should’ve been and in hindsight at least a brief mention of the political climate may’ve meant that Strictly Kosher would’ve been seen less of a negative light.
You can read my full review, as well as the comments, here: http://primetime.unrealitytv.co.uk/strictly-kosher-episode-one-review/

2 [New] Traffic Cops (Mon, BBC1)
A new episode of the Jamie Theakston voiced motorway show seemed to draw in the punters on a football-free Monday night when I’m sure more of the nation’s more bizarre driving incidents were put under the spotlight.

3 [2] The Graham Norton Show (Fri, BBC1)
Though there’s a compilation show this coming Friday, the most recent episode of Graham Norton’s programme was essentially the last in the current series. The star of the show was undoubtedly Danny DeVito, who looks like he’s got very old all of a sudden, who was on to promote The Sunshine Boys and shared a great chemistry with token comedian of the week Rhod Gilbert. Overall I always find Norton’s show a hoot as the format of having all three guests on at once makes for some interesting banter.

4 [New] Countrywise (Mon, ITV1)
Again a lack of football means that some of these regular programmes get a larger amount of viewers such as this staple of the ITV1 schedules in which Paul Heiney travels up and down the country starting this week with the Isle of Man.

5 [New] Line of Duty (Tues, BBC2)
A new TV drama is always a highlight for me however if it debuts on BBC2 it doesn’t usually crack the chart however, again thanks to the football, this brilliant cop show has made a dent int the top five. Starring Lennie James, Line of Duty is a twist on the renegade police drama and looks at the reality of how man pieces of paperwork have to be filled on a week to week basis by various officers. Thankfully though it is also an intriguing thriller which sees James’ Tony Gates investigated for corruption by Martin Compston’s Steve Arnott while Vicky McClure’s Fleming is the young detective who is seemingly playing both sides. Stylishly made and brilliantly acted Line of Duty is another example of great British drama and there will be a review appearing on this blog in the near future.

6 [New] Turn Back Time – The Family (Tues, BBC1)
Just quick comments on these last five shows kicking off with this historical experiment in which different families are transported to different periods of the early 20th century starting off with The Meadows who found out what life was like for a typical working class family in the early 1900s.

7 [New] Love Your Garden (Tues, ITV1)
Good old Alan Titchmarsh returns to his roots, pardon the pun, in this show which sees him and a team of other gardeners transform dingy looking back yards into wonderful gardens. Ground Force anyone?

8 [New] Gordon Behind Bars (Tues, C4)
A rare entry for a Chanel 4 programme focuses on Gordon Ramsey’s attempt to, in his own words, get prisoners up off their arses and do something productive. This first show saw him round up twelve prisoners to make fairy cakes and later managed to get them to cook dinner for the entire prison just about keeping them in line throughout the duration of these two tasks.

9 [New] Grimefighters (Fri, ITV1)
Like with Countrywise this ITV1 show, which focuses on various garbage disposal industries, is a long-running favourite which this week has been given a little more exposure thanks to the lack of new programmes out there.

10 [New] The Circus (Fri, ITV1)
A documentary that focuses on a travelling family that isn’t at all patronising is a new thing all in itself and indeed ITV1′s The Circus championed the Darnell family’s efforts to promote family entertainment in what is unfortunately a dying industry. Read my full review of the programme here: http://primetime.unrealitytv.co.uk/itv1s-the-circus-reviewed/

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