TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 13/0712

1 [New] Wallander (Sun, BBC1)
large wallander kenneth branagh TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 13/0712
Though Christopher Eccleston’s corrupt councillor is no longer in the charts he has been replaced to an extent by (Sir) Kenneth Branagh’s moody Swedish detective. Actually though when we met Kurt in the new series he was smiling thanks to a new live-in lover and a healthy attitude as well as enjoying his job a lot more than he used to. That of course wasn’t going to last for long, mainly because we love our crime-solvers to be as miserable as possible, so after a skeleton is placed in his back garden it’s off to do some more detective work. Though I’m shocked to see Blackout completely out of the chart I’m glad to see that BBC drama is still on top in this Anglo-Swedish mash-up with a great performance from Branagh and while it’s not an original show it is well made which is more than you could wish for in 2012.

2 [Re] DIY SOS: The Big Build (Wed, BBC1)
An episode that was postponed due to the tennis obviously had a lot of anticipation behind it however personally I’m still baffled by the amount of people who tune into see Nick Knowles and his DIY cohorts decorate a house.

3 [New] Case Sensitive (Thurs, ITV1)
Though it wasn’t really heralded last year we had the return of Detectives Waterhouse and Zailer in another two-part edition of Case Sensitive. This time the coppers, played by Olivia Williams and Darren Boyd, were helping to track down the murderer of the ex-husband of a woman who is frightened by her new lover. Though the investigation run out of pace fairly early Case Sensitive is mainly about the relationship between Williams and Boyd and whether or not they’ll get together before the end of the second episode other than that this was just your standard ITV crime drama.
Here are my reviews of both episodes of the show:



4 [New] Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (Mon, ITV1)
The return of the civilian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire was accompanied by an online game presumably to compete with the Million Pound Drop. As a fan of quizzes I had a go at the online version but found it a poor comparison to its channel 4 counterpart and fairly confusing to operate.

5 [3] Traffic Cops (Thurs, BBC1)
Not much to say about this programme other than that I’m baffled at how many people continue to tune in to watch driving violations.

6 [New] The Town That Never Retired (Wed, BBC1)
I personally thought that the reunion between former Apprentice mates Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford would drum up more viewers than it did however maybe people weren’t interested in a bunch of old people going back to work. As part of the When I’m 65 season Hewer and Mountford travelled to Preston to see if over 70s could hack it in the modern workplace. It was an interesting if flawed experiment which you can read more about in my two reviews below.



7 [New] Superstar (Sat, ITV1)
Now this is a shock. The much publicised search for a Jesus in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new production of Superstar was meant to be a ratings winner for ITV in the same way that Lloyd Webber’s previous series had been for the BBC. Personally I think a sense of reality TV fatigue coupled by a disinterest in musicals is the reason for the low turnout plus I thought the first episode was fairly dull. You can read more about my Superstar thoughts in the review below.


8 [4] Countrywise (Mon, ITV1)
Another show that I can tell you little about other than that it seems to be doing fairly well for ITV currently.

9 [6] Line of Duty (Tues, BBC2)
I’m very happy to see that, while Blackout has fallen out of the chart, Line of Duty remains popular with viewers as I feel it is one of 2012′s best shows thus far. As the anti-corruption team closes in on the shenanigans of Lennie James’ Tony Gates he tries to cover his tracks despite the fact his lover Jackie had been killed off by an anonymous shadowy figure. Greatly played and brilliantly written I would implore anybody who is yet to see Line of Duty to seek it out on the iplayer.

10 [New] Turn Back Time: The Family (Tues, BBC1)
Finishing off this week’s chart is the latest living history programme produced by the BBC in which family’s travel back to different historical periods and live as they would’ve done back then. It sounds to me terribly like something that CBBC had already tackled but it seems to be popular anyway due mainly to the likeability of the families involved.

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