TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 27/07/12

1 [New] Absolutely Fabulous (Mon, BBC1)
uktv absolutely fabulous olympics special 15 TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 27/07/12
Though there’s no Olympic Games specifically this week’s chart still has a strangely sporty feel kicking off with, at press time, the final ever episode of Absolutely Fabulous. Eddie and Patsy were all ready to welcome Michael Douglas to her house as he was staying for the Games but in reality this was all about the pair not wanting to grow old. Though they seemed to have use of the Olympic Park and the participation of several athletes the theme wasn’t really touched on enough for something that was billed around a special to do with the games. The pair of actresses were at their best when involved in the physical comedy while all the best one-liners came from June Whitfield as gran however some of the magic from the good old days seems to have been lost along the way.
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2 [1] Wallander (Sun, BBC1)
The third and final episode of the series doesn’t seem to have done as well, maybe due to what was on the other side, however it seems fairly interesting that on average this Nordic drama has done as well in the ratings as The Voice although a lot more was spent on the latter. To me what this proves is that people would rather get their share of proper grown-up drama on the BBC than the type of talent shows that have infected ITV over the years.

3 [New] Dancing On Ice Goes Gold (Sun, ITV1)
Speaking of which another episode of ITV’s celebrity skating talent show returns with an Olympic theme as several medallists, including Colin Jackson, Olga Korbut and Tessa Sanderson, took to the ice to be judged by Robin Cousins and the bloke from Pineapple Dance Studios. Overall this show seemed to be ITV’s way of leaching off the back of the Olympics rather than airing the actual games but people seemed to like it nonetheless.

4 [8] Superstar (Wed, ITV1)
After very poor ratings throughout its very brief run it seems that the people had enough interest to tune in to see who was cast as Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s lead in his new production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Though my favourite, rock tenor Nathan James, had already been eliminated I felt there was little jeopardy in who would win as eventual victor Ben had been saved by the public every night. Personally I didn’t feel Ben had enough authority to play Jesus but he did possess enough natural talent to grow into the role and at least the incredibly bland Rory didn’t win. For me the highlight of the whole night was hearing new Mary Magdalene Mel C’s rendition of ‘I Don’t Know How to Love Him’ after which my mum commented that if she was casting the show she wouldn’t cast the former Spice Girl.
Read my review of the finale here: http://primetime.unrealitytv.co.uk/superstar-the-final-roger-wright-rory-taylor-and-ben-forster-fight-for-the-role-of-jesus/

5 [New] Bert and Dickie (Wed, BBC1)
More Olympics now with James Ivory’s tale of the last games held in our country and the men who won two of our three gold medals in double sculls competitors Bert Bushnell and Dickie Burnell. Matt Smith starred as working class Bert who felt that he should be a singles star while Sam Hoare’s Dickie was looking for the approval of his father played by Geoffrey Palmer. I did feel that though the story of the pair was interesting I would’ve preferred to see a story about the staging of the 1948 games and how it almost didn’t happen as I felt it was a more compelling theme.
Read my full review of the drama here: http://primetime.unrealitytv.co.uk/bert-and-dickie-matt-smith-stars-in-the-story-of-1948-british-olympians/

6 [Re] Love Your Garden (Tues, ITV1)
More Alan Titchmarsh horticulture makeovers as he continues to rake in viewers, pardon the pun, for his ITV version of what is essentially Ground Force.

7 [6] Turn Back Time: The Family (Tues, BBC1)
More love for this living history programme as the families on the street journeyed into their final decade – the 1970s an era filled with colourful clothes but political turmoil. I do understand why people enjoy this show but for me it’s a little bit too emotionally manipulative and hasn’t done anything that we haven’t seen before.

8 [5] Line of Duty (Tues, BBC2)
BBC2′s cop show ends on a high as it becomes one of the highest rated dramas for the channel and is also recommissioned for a second series. This finale saw Lennie James’ Tony Gates on the run as the anti-corruption team finally caught up to him while we found out who the insider in the group was and what the title truly meant. This has to be one of the best British dramas that the TV has produced this year and I’m so glad that it’s coming back soon.

9 [New] Tom Daley: Diving for Gold (Mon, BBC1)
Though by now we know that Daley didn’t in fact dive for gold it doesn’t take away from the fact that at 18 he is one of our most famous Olympians and that he had an emotional story that needed telling about his relationship with his late father who tragically passed away last year.

10 [New] The Cube (Sat, ITV1)
Another example of ITV cashing in on the Olympics but at least this time it’s for charity as former Olympians step into the cube to earn money for their selected cause. This episode featured the now ubiquitous Fatima Whitbread however the athlete that everyone was talking about was Mo Farrah who became the first ever person to successfully beat the cube.

Next week’s chart should be interesting as no sport is allowed in the list so come back at what I’m hoping will be an earlier time.

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