TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 03/08/12

Much quicker than normal it’s time to check out what non-sports offerings made the top ten chart in the first of two Olympic heavy weeks.

1 [Re] 24 Hours in A&E (Wed, C4)
24 hours in ae jen TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 03/08/12
I’m really happy to be writing that this week’s number one non-Olympics show is one of my favourites of the year so far in the second series of 24 Hours in A&E. This week’s episode saw a number of different cases including a baby with respiratory problems who was the youngest ever patient that we’d ever seen treated on the programme. We also saw a couple of funnier minor injuries including somebody who’d hit their head following too much booze and two posh mates who were looking for love while their friend got bits of glass removed from his head. As always this show is full of insight from the medical professionals and more emotional points-of-view from friends and families as we saw all aspects of life go through the doors of the hospital.

2 [New] The Midwives: Delivering Under Pressure (Tues, BBC2)
More medical dramas in another documentary this time the BBC’s attempt to cash in on the success of One Born Every Minute and their own Call the Midwife. This programme journeys through various maternity wards up and down the country kicking off in Manchester home to one of the biggest units in the country. This seems to be brilliant counter-programming as of course the people who don’t want to watch sports, mainly women, will of course want to see babies being born while that was a sceptical comment it turns out that they actually do.

3 [New] Hairy Dieters How to Love Food and Lose Weight (Thurs, BBC2)
It comes to something whenever our two podgier chefs are thinking of losing weight however it’s time for Si and Dave to start counting the calories. In their new series The Hairy Bikers find out that they both have unhealthy BMI numbers so to do something about it they ditch the more fatty items in their recipes and create new healthier versions which they then get other dieters to try. I think it’s good to see TV chefs trying something like this however I hope The Bikers don’t lose their charm as they begin to slim.

4 [New] The Zoo (Sun, ITV1)
ITV1 don’t mess around when it comes to naming their documentaries, as you’ll see throughout this list, and after the success of The Circus they bring us The Zoo set in and around the London institution. Here we meet a wide range of exotic animals as well as the colourful characters whose job it is to care for them as well as make sure all of their visitors have a good day.

5 [New] Secrets of the Shoplifters (Tues, C4)
In this new series Channel 4 exposes some new techniques that thieves use to steal goods from various stores while at the same time revealing ways that these retailers are going about trying to catch them. All set in York I thought that while entertaining this would serve as a good guide for any would-be thief as they would be able to learn the tricks of the security trade in order to outwit unsuspecting shopkeepers.

6 [New] We Love the Monkees (Mon, ITV1)
Following the tragic death of The Monkees’ Davy Jones earlier in the year this documentary explores the creation of the world’s first manufactured boy band and the way in which they became a phenomenon. This was a must for any fans of the group as it we had new interviews from original band members while Jones’ sisters also paid tribute to their fantastic brother.

7 [New] The Briefs (Thurs, ITV1)
Another simply named ITV documentary this time focusing on the criminal law world and in particular one of Britain’s lading legal aid practices Tuckers in Manchester. Again a simple documentary that does what it says on the tin and has once again attracted viewers who want a respite from all that sport.

8 [6] Love Your Garden (Tues, ITV1)
I’m thinking the title of Alan Titchmarsh’s latest venture, which is the only returning programme from last week’s chart, should be It’s Not Ground Force, Honest! Anyway more gardens got made over while more people were very happy a combination it seems that attracts viewers on a weekly basis.

9 [New] Amish: A Secret Life (Thurs, BBC2)
I personally felt that the Amish religion had been pretty well covered on British TV however the BBC think not presenting this show that focuses on the Lapp family who allow cameras into their home to dispel myths about their religion once and for all. However they are in for a shock when they find out that they may well be excommunicated from the church as the Amish shouldn’t allow film crews into their houses.

10 [New] Sex Story: Fifty Shades of Grey (Sun, C4)
I personally thought that Channel 4′s documentary on the latest literary, and I use that word in the broadest sense, craze would be placed in a more prominent position than a 10pm slot on a Sunday but then again I suppose it is fairly rude. Despite it’s late placing fans of the book were obviously quick to tune in to find out more about this ridiculously popular franchise but as I’ve not bothered with them then I’m not sure if anything new was revealed.

That’s your lot for now join us next week for another week of Olympic-free chart countdowns.

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