TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 10/08/12

Good news for you ratings chart fans as we’re kicking off a double bill as firstly we plunge into the week ending 10/8 and the second full week of the Olympics. As we see non-Olympics fans suffered with the usual mix of documentaries and lifestyle programmes but thankfully most of them were fairly engaging.

1 [1] 24 Hours in A and E (Wed, C4)
Though the Olympics haven’t been amazingly kind to us non-sports fans there’s still been some fascinating documentaries on this week and I’m so glad to see that my favourite 24 Hours in A and E is still up at the top with the staff at King’s College Hospital to a fantastic job. This week’s episode was all based around mothers and their children with consultant and mum of four Liz treating nine-year old Timo for a disease that nobody quite knew what it was. This show just shows what an amazing job the entire staff does at this hospital and it’s a shame that it has now officially come to an end.

2 [3] The Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight (Thurs, BBC2)
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Always love a new show from The Hairy Bikers however it’s an intriguing prospect to see these men lose weight as they both discovered that they’re clinically obese. This series follows their progress and in this the second episode the boys tried to recreate their favourite meals, such as a fry-up and a Sunday dinner, in such a way that they don’t consume more than their daily intake of calories. It also saw the bikers try to exercise with Dave excelling with a personal trainer and Si considering taking up rugby again. What this show does is demonstrate that everybody really needs to lose a few pounds even our most favourite, cuddly chefs however I’m not sure they’ll keep the weight off seeing as they’ve a new American show starting on the Good Food channel in the next couple of weeks.

3 [4] The Zoo (Sun, ITV1)
A lot of these documentaries were suspiciously only two parts long including this one focusing on the many zoos around London. We saw snakes and dolphins plus everything in between so for some this was their ideal of heaven my natural ambivalence to any nature documentary made it very hard for me to have any interest in this at all.

4 [2] The Midwives: Make Me a Midwife (Tues, BBC2)
More interest in this poor man’s One Born Every Minute as we see trainee midwives navigate their way through their first months in the business.

5 [New] The Hit Factory: The Stock, Aitken and Waterman Story (Mon, ITV1)
An nostalgic look back at some of the big hitters from the 1980s as we opened the door on Stock, Aitken and Waterman the hit-makers who launched Kylie, Jason and Rick Astley as well as breathing new life into acts such as Donna Summer and Dead or Alive. Though there was very little new material here it was still good to hear hits from my youth especially from the first album I ever bought which was by Sonia.

6 [New] The Girl Who Became Three Boys (Tues, C4)
Channel 4 are always able to throw together factual programming about intriguing news stories and there’s none more interesting than this story about Jessica who created three fake male personas on Facebook in order to romance two of her female friends. This was just a fascinating look at the human personality and two adolescent girls whose innocence was taken away from them by a very clever, very crazy girl.

7 [7] The Briefs (Thurs, ITV1)
More subtle two-part documentaries from ITV1 and more from law firms up and down the country.

8 [5] Secrets of the… Pickpockets (Wed, C4)
After last week’s programme about shoplifting secrets this week more tips and scams were given to pickpockets in order to avoid being caught by the police.

9 [New] Trash to Treasure (Tues, ITV1)
Due to the lack of interest in anything other than running, jumping and shooting this long-running scrapyard show on ITV clawed its way into this week’s Top 10.

10 [New] The Hotel Inspector (Thurs, C5)
And Channel 5 even makes an impact with Alex Polizzi journeying around the nation’s most rubbish hotels and slagging off the proprietors a bit.

And coming soon the first week back after the Olympics featuring new drama and maybe a bit of baking too.

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