TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 24/08/12

So another week full of TV hits and this week sees a number one show which will, unless something drastic happens, hold onto the number one spot till Christmas.

 TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 24/08/12
1 [New] The X-Factor (Sat, ITV1)
So once again it’s time to face the music with the return of the ninth series of the reality TV juggernaut however despite it topping the chart the opening episode’s ratings have been the lowest since the second series. There are a number of factors first of the fact that it was the hottest day of the year last Saturday, secondly I think after nine years there’s a bit of X-Factor fatigue setting in and finally that I know a lot of people who don’t bother with the audition stages of these Cowell competitions preferring instead to kick off with the live shows. Having said that over 8 million people did tune in to see the opener which featured a 16 year old signer/songwriter, an angry Pink tribute act and Mel B’s constant stroppy outbursts doing her spot as a guest judge. Basically it was business as usual and you can’t read more in my review here: http://primetime.unrealitytv.co.uk/the-x-factor-audition-show-one-the-cookie-monster-scary-spice-and-pink-sees-red/

2 [New] Silent Witness (Sun, BBC1)
The final double bill to feature Tom Ward, this week’s Silent Witness was previously pulled after the terrible events involving the group of Asian men who were grooming teenage girls for prostitution. Though the banter between the forensic scientists was good the overall tone was very uncomfortable however I feel it’s done incredibly well in the ratings due to the appeal of the brand alone.
Read more of my thoughts here: http://www.thecustardtv.com/2012/08/silent-witness-pulled-episode.html

3 [2] Who Do You Think You Are? (Wed BBC1)
A slight climb in viewing figures still means a drop in the charts for this week’s edition of the genealogy show featuring Masterchef’s Gregg Wallace. Though I’ve never really been a fan of Wallace’s previously I really saw a different side to him in this piece and you could read more of my thoughts on the episode in the review below.


4 [1] Accused (Tues, BBC1)
Last week’s number one drops in popularity as Sean Bean in a dress is replaced by Anne-Marie Duff and Olivia Coleman as a couple of mothers who go through great torment surviving an estate that is run by a violent gang.
Read my full review here: http://primetime.unrealitytv.co.uk/accused-episode-two-anne-marie-duff-and-olivia-coleman-both-shine-as-this-drama-explores-what-a-mother-would-do-to-help-her-son/

5 [4] The Great British Bake-Off (Tues, BBC2)
This week’s episode was all about bread as a few of the novice bakers struggled with their plaited loaves and failed to get their bagels to rise in the correct way. As always it’s the witty Mel and Sue and the glare of Paul Hollywood that steal the show however some of the contestants’ characters are beginning to emerge and they are fairly entertaining too.

6 [New] Red or Black? (Sat, ITV1)
Despite a disastrous first run the Simon Cowell-backed, Ant and Dec hosted Saturday night game show returns with a pre-recorded series, less prize money and a better pace. Still it’s all based on guesswork but this feels more like proper Saturday night entertainment and being sandwiched between two instalments of The X-Factor can’t hurt much either.
Read more of my thoughts here: http://www.thecustardtv.com/2012/08/red-or-blackhas-it-improved-for-2012.html

7 [New] The Jonathan Ross Show (Sat, ITV1)
A successful Saturday night all in all for ITV as Jonathan Ross’ Olympics-heavy guest list drew in the punters with Tom Daley and Usain Bolt being joined by Colin Farrell to promote his role in the Total Recall remake.

8 [New] The Queen’s Mother-In-Law (Tues, C4)
A documentary about Prince Phillip’s mother doesn’t seem like a big ratings hit, and I don’t think Channel 4 thought it would be, yet over 3 million tuned in to watch this fascinating tale of a great woman who went slightly batty in her old age.

9 [New] The Last Weekend (Sun, ITV1)
An interesting Sunday night drama for ITV that broke the fourth wall as Shaun Evans narrated the majority of the plot to the audience while we saw what would be the actual last weekend for a group of characters including a posh couple played by Rupert Penry-Jones and Merc’s blind wife from Episodes.

10 [New] Parade’s End (Fri, BBC2)
A new drama set in Edwardian times was bound to draw comparison to Downton Abbey, especially when the lead actor slags off the ITV1 show, but thankfully Parade’s End has a lot more going for it than just another fancy soap opera. Benedict Cumberbatch stars in this literary adaptation which is a co-production with HBO which I found hard going to begin with but really relaxed into as it went on.
Again you can read my full review here: http://primetime.unrealitytv.co.uk/parades-end-benedict-cumberbatch-shines-in-new-period-drama-which-is-a-cut-above-downton-abbey/

So that’s your lot for now next week let’s see what the Bank Holiday has in store for next week’s ratings top ten.

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