TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 31/08/12

newtricks TV Ratings Chart Top 10: Week Ending 31/08/12

So we’re back again for a crime drama heavy week but with a predictable programme maintaining its spot at the top of the chart.

1 [1] The X-Factor (Sat, ITV1)

So yes The X-Factor maintains that top spot and actually sees a rise in viewing figures due to the weather being a little worse than it was last week. Again there were a mixture of good and bad singers with singer/songwriter Lucy Spraggan impressing with her self-penned hit ‘Last Night’ and chimney sweep Kye Sones who also sweeping us away. On the other end of the coin was likeable Billy Moore who seemed to forget all of the words to Don’t Stop Believin’ while we also the debut of another guest judge in Rita Ora.

Full all my thoughts on the episode read my review here: http://primetime.unrealitytv.co.uk/the-x-factor-audition-show-two-rylan-clark-has-a-case-of-nervereck-lucy-spraggan-impresses-with-her-beerfeer-and-the-judges-are-sweptaway-by-kye-somes/

2 [New] New Tricks (Mon, BBC1)

Hot on the tails of The X-Fator though was the BBC’s staggeringly popular senior police show New Tricks which saw almost eight million tune in for James Bolam’s last episode. It seems that New Tricks continues to be the number one drama for the BBC which is a shame because Bolam’s exit is just the start of a mass exodus with both Alun Armstrong and Amanda Redman leaving in the near future as well while the writing of the show has also been criticised by the cast. Personally I’ve never been a fan of the show as I find all a bit formulaic but I think most find it fairly easy-going and even the repeats log in about four million viewers on average hopefully Dennis Waterman will be able to find some new buddies from somewhere to help him write the theme toon and sing the theme toon.

3 [New] Inspector George Gently (Sun, BBC1)

Another popular franchise returned this bank holiday with Martin Shaw’s George Gently getting a sixth season where we were transported to the Northern Soul scene in Newcastle which saw a black girl being murdered and also the prejudice that came along with the case.

You can read more of my thoughts on this episode in my review here: http://www.thecustardtv.com/2012/08/george-gently-comfy-bank-holiday-tv.html

4 [5] The Great British Bake-Off (Tues, BBC2)

Week three on the Bake-Off saw the contestants’ pastry skills put under pressure with plenty of tarts of the tatin and treacle variety. I personally thought creepy Brendan would be the one to be eliminated but it was first star baker Victoria who was sent packing while that hipster lad went home with the star this week on another episode back with niceties and yummy goodness.

5 [4] Accused (Tues, BBC1)

Arguably the best British drama on the box at the moment this week saw a trio of great performances from Misfits’ Robert Sheehan as well as Sheridan Smith and John Bishop who are both best known for their comic roles. While possibly not featuring as many strong characters as previous weeks the unique visual styling meant this episode was once again a standout and deserved more viewers than it did receive.

Read my full review here: http://primetime.unrealitytv.co.uk/accused-episode-3-john-bishop-shines-in-a-rare-dramatic-role-while-sheridan-smith-perfects-her-evil-smirk/

6 [New] Good Cop (Thurs, BBC1)

Another cop drama this week one that is incredibly bleak which essentially features Warren Brown looking broody and trying to avenge the attack on his partnered carried out by sinister Stephen Graham’s gang. A very slickly produced drama like Accused I wish more people would’ve watched this but at the same time I think just over four million is the best audience this programme could’ve expected.

Read all my thoughts on the episode here: http://primetime.unrealitytv.co.uk/good-cop-episode-one-warren-brown-broods-in-this-slick-police-drama-but-once-again-it-is-stephen-graham-that-steals-the-show/

7 [6] Red or Black (Sat, ITV1)

More from Ant and Dec as another eight contestants try to win £500,000 on the deadly vortex in a show that, like X-Factor, has also gained viewers since last week.

8 [3] Who Do You Think You Are? (Wed, BBC1)

The most drastic drop in the list the latest episode of the family tree documentary suffered from being scheduled against the Paralympic Opening Ceremony, which if it counted would top the chart this week, but despite this enough people wanted to tune in to see Patrick Stewart trace his father’s war record to try and work out why he was such a violent man.

Read my full review here: http://primetime.unrealitytv.co.uk/who-do-you-think-you-are-episode-three-sir-patrick-stewart-journeys-to-france-to-learn-more-about-his-fathers-experiences-in-the-second-world-war/

9 [New] Citizen Khan (Mon, BBC1)

Possibly the most talked about programme of the week, but for all the wrong reasons, Citizen Khan is BBC1′s first sitcom to have an almost completely Asian cast. Based on the character created by Adil Ray, first seen in Bellamy’s People, the comedy has been criticised for its offensive portrayal of Muslim culture however I personally was offended by the lack of jokes.

Read my complete diatribe on this awful programme here: http://www.thecustardtv.com/2012/08/citizen-khan-cant-we-do-better-than-this.html

10 [New] The Chase: Celebrity Special (Sun, ITV1)

A bit of surprise entry at number ten as Bradley Walsh’s game show features in the chart for the first time with its celebrity special obviously appealing to people who wanted to watch some easy TV during their bank holiday weekend.

More TV ratings next week with the return of TV’s most famous Doctor certain to have an impact in the new chart.

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