Strictly Come Dancing: The confirmed line-up

So with X-Factor well under way we now are anticipating the start of Strictly Come Dancing with the list of participants trickling through over the last week or so. As there’s always at least one person that nobody’s heard of here’s my handy guide to our fourteen new dancers

Richard Arnold
p00ydxg3 Strictly Come Dancing: The confirmed line up
Who is he?: A familiar face on ITV possibly best known for his role as a showbiz reporter on GMTV with him recently becoming an addition to the Daybreak team while he has also hosted Loose Lips and Showbiz Challenge.
Will he be any good?: To me he just seems like a filler entrant although he does have form after getting through to the finals of Let’s Dance for Sports Relief with his GMTV/Daybreak colleague and former Strictly star Kate Garraway
Possible Partner: I think as she has been in the final two years in a row I reckon that Aliona Vilani will get Richard who producers seem to be lining up as the new Russell Grant

Johnny Ball
p00ydxzj Strictly Come Dancing: The confirmed line up
Who is he?: Children’s TV presenter who tried to make maths, science and technology accessible to young minds through his programmes which included Think of a Number and Johnny Ball Reveals all while he is also the dad to former contestant and host of It Takes Two Zoe Ball.
Will he be any good?: As the oldest contestant ever on the regular series I don’t think Johnny will last that long however he does have an endearing personality which may well appeal to the viewers.
Possible Partner: Using the same logic I applied above Aliona’s fellow finalist from last year, Kristina Rihanoff may be paired with Johnny as she’s previously paired with a mature male contestant in John Sergeant.

Fern Brittton
p00ydxfl Strictly Come Dancing: The confirmed line up
Who is she?: One of Britain’s most recognisable TV presenters she made her name as host of Ready, Steady Cook before teaming up with Philip Schofield on This Morning and Mr and Mrs. More recently she had her own Channel 4 teatime series unfortunately it was cancelled after only four weeks.
Will she be any good?: Fern previously appeared on one of the Christmas specials where her dance alongside former pro Matthew Cutler was praised by the judges.
Possible Partner: In my mind there are a couple of different options but I’d probably go for Robin Windsor.

Nicky Byrne
p00ydxxj Strictly Come Dancing: The confirmed line up
Who is he?: For what seems like a million years he was part of staggeringly successful boyband Westlife who earlier this year announced their split after thirteen years together. Nicky has already moved on though landing a job presenting on Irish radio as well as hosting the new reality show Football’s Next Star on RTE.
Will he be any good?: As part of a boy band he had to learn a lot of moves, though most of Westlife’s routines did involve them sitting down for most of the song before standing up on the middle eight, and also he’s a former semi-pro footballer so he’ll probably have some fancy footwork to show off.
Possible Partner: Due to his height and look I think he and Ola Jordan may would make a good dancing couple.

Jerry Hall
p00ydxq6 Strictly Come Dancing: The confirmed line up
Who is she?: One of the world’s most famous models known mainly for her height she is also famous for her relationship and later marriage to Mick Jagger. More recently she has been on the stage in High Society and is the face of Invisible Zinc SKincare.
Will she be any good?: Due to her height and the fact that she seems to be here as a novelty booking I don’t see Jerry lasting that long however I could well be proved wrong.
Possible Partner: As Jerry is seen is seen as a bit of a seductress I think she and former love rat Brendan Cole would be good together.

Dani Harmer
p00ydxkn Strictly Come Dancing: The confirmed line up
Who is she?: The face of CBBC Dani has played Traci Beaker for over 10 years in a variety of different series as well as starring as a fictionalised version of herself in Dani’s House. Away from the kids’ T V she also starred as the daughter of Nicholas Lyndhurst in the short lived BBC sitcom After You’ve Gone.
Will She Be Any Good?: Youth usually equates to talent in Strictly so as Dani is 23 she should be one of the favourites as she already demonstrated how good she was on this year’s Let’s Dance for Sports Relief alongside Jake from Outnumbered
Possible Partner: It’s between two though realistically her best match would be Pasha though I’m not sure if he’d get another good dance after being runner-up last year.

Sid Owen
p00ydy42 Strictly Come Dancing: The confirmed line up
Who is he?: Sid has been playing the part of Ricky Butcher in Eastenders on and off for 25 years now though has recently claimed that he is done with acting as he wants to concentrate on running his restaurant in France. Sid is also an ambassador for water charity Drop4Drop and previously competed in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here where he came third in the series that was won by Carol Thatcher.
Will he be any good?: At first look Sid doesn’t seem like the dancing type however I feel that if anyone will be the dark horse of the series it’s him.
Possible Partner: I’m not sure about this one but as she’s partnered two former Eastenders in the past I’m going for Flavia Cacace.

Victoria Pendleton
p00ydy37 Strictly Come Dancing: The confirmed line up
Who is she?: Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year you’ll know that Pendleton is world title holder in various cycling events and won two medals at London 2012 including a Gold in the Keirin.
Will she be any good?: It’s hard to judge seeing as there’s never been a cyclist on Strictly before but she’s obviously got the fitness factor going for her as well as being one of the younger competitors this year.
Possible Partner: Though he’s had a couple of good years I still feel that she and James Jordan would be a very good match.

Lisa Riley
p00ydxhy Strictly Come Dancing: The confirmed line up
Who is she?: An actress and presenter best known for playing Mandy Dingle in Emmerdale and hosting You’ve Been Framed on ITV. Most recently she appeared in Waterloo Road as Scout’s benefit-scrounging mother.
Will she be any good?: Though I’m sure she’s passionate about doing well she seems to have been hired as another ‘character’ rather than a serious contender for the title.
Possible Partner: It’s got to be Anton Du Beke surely.

Colin Salmon
p00ydxk2 Strictly Come Dancing: The confirmed line up
Who is he?: An actor best known for playing Charles Robinson in three James Bond films while in addition he’s also appeared in Resident Evil and Alien Vs Predator.
Will he be any good?: I’m really not sure as I don’t know that much about him however I suspect he’s better than we think he’ll be.
Possible Partner: Again I’m not sure though I think he and Natalie Lowe would work well together.

Louis Smith
p00ydy3x1 Strictly Come Dancing: The confirmed line up
Who is he?: Another name you’ll know if you’ve been following the Olympics you’ll know that Smith took a silver medal in the pummel horse event at London 2012 as well as a bronze as part of the men’s artistic team.
Will he be any good?: To me he’s got to be one of the favourites due to his youth and his gymnastic background.
Possible Partner: To me there are two possible ladies that could partner him but for now I’ll go for this year’s newbie Karen Hauer.

Michael Vaughan
p00ydxlj Strictly Come Dancing: The confirmed line up
Who is he?: A cricketer who was captain of the England team between 2003 and 2008 including leading the country to their famous win at The Ashes in 2005.
Will he be any good?: Cricketers have a strong history of doing well in Strictly with two of them going on to win the show.
Possible Partner: I’d pair him with Erin Boag as she seems to be paired with sportsmen at least every other year.

Denise Van Outen
p00ydxpx Strictly Come Dancing: The confirmed line up
Who is she?: First making her name as a presenter on The Big Breakfast, Denise later went on to have success on the West End before she returned to TV as a judge on Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s various talent shows including Any Dream Will Do on which she met her current husband Lee Mead.
Will she be any good?: With a vast background in dancing, including a starring role in Chicago, she has to be considered another strong favourite.
Possible Partner: After being paired with the disastrous Edwina Currie last year I think Vincent Simone needs someone decent for a change.

Kimberley Walsh
p00ydvgf Strictly Come Dancing: The confirmed line up
Who is she?: One fifth of successful girl band Girl’s Aloud and the only one who hasn’t bothered to try any solo projects though she recently tried her hand at acting in the critically derided Horrid Henry film.
Will she be any good?: Learning all those dance routines should come naturally to Kimberley and as she seems to be a fairly likeable person I can see the audience warming to her also.
Possible Partner: As the producers seem intent on winding Kara Tointon up every year they’ll probably pair the pretty Kimberley with Kara’s boyfriend Artem Chigvintsev.

What do you think to this year’s Strictly Come Dancing line-up? Do you think my predicted partnerships are accurate? Leave Your Comments Below.

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