The Prime Time Emmys: As they happened

250839 claire danes emmys 2012 The Prime Time Emmys: As they happened

OK here we are people my first live blog keep updating for new updates as I try to keep up with the goings-on on the red carpet and at the Emmys event itself.

4:00: So that was the Emmys a predictable affair that was dominated this year by Modern Family, Game Change and most surprisingly Homeland. I would’ve liked a few more surprises, Jon Cryer being the only one really, and Jimmy Kimmel’s hosting wasn’t the best but overall an adequate awards show. Now time for my bed.

3:58: The Modern Family gang are played off the stage as we end the night.

3:56: Modern Family wins the final award of the night though I think it’s been the weakest season so far and possibly the more popular Big Bang Theory deserved a win.

3:55: Michael J Fox gets a great ovation, what a classy crowd.

3:51: So that was a lie he didn’t talk till he was cut-off he let someone else get cut-off instead.

3:50: This guy wants to know when he’ll be cut off – well he should read the prompter underneath it’s Michael J Fox in 3 minutes.

3:48: Wow Homeland beat Breaking Bad and Mad Men to the award, somebody’s been reading my wish list.

3:46: Really upset that Sherlock didn’t get anything in the big categories as Game Change wins the Mini-Series/Movie main prize and Tom Hanks as a producer gets to say something.

3:38: I flippin love Idris Elba however it is Kevin Costner who wins for Hatfields and McCoys.

3:36: Director Jay Roach makes it three in a row for Game Change.

3:28: Game Change wins another one as Julianne Moore picks up an award for playing Sarah Palin, well someone has to.

3:27: Hey it’s Danny Strong who was Doyle in Gilmore Girls didn’t realise he’d written Game Change but now he’s an Emmy winner.

3:21: The In Memoriam section always throws out a couple of names that I didn’t know had passed away this year it was William Windom who played the Doctor in Murder She Wrote.

3:17: Ron Howard is out to pay tribute to American TV legend but as a Brit this tribute doesn’t do anything for me.

3:16: Berenger waffles on too long, music plays, you know the score.

3:15: They’re all rushing through these awards now but Freeman didn’t win instead it’s Tom Berenger being awarded for Hatfields and McCoys.

3:14: Kerry Washington presents Supporting Actor in mini-series or movie, Martin Freeman to win!

3:12: Commitment to long-term gag award goes to Ellen who still isn’t wearing trousers after the opening skit.

3:06: Jessica Lange wins Supporting Actress in Mini-Series for her role in American Horror Story

3:04: The Mini-Series or Movie category or as I call it the one where I hope Sherlock wins everything.

2:56: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart wins yet another Emmy for Comedy or Variety Show, this is getting ridiculous.

2:52: If anybody cares Glen Weiss wins for Directing this year’s Tony Awards.

2:50: An actual British person in Ricky Gervais is up next doing his Ricky Gervais schtick.

2:45: Aziz and Jane Levy put on some fake British accents before Louis CK wins for writing his stand-up show.

2:42: Aziz Ansari pretends to be a British actor to liven up the Best Writing for a Variety Show category.

2:40: Clare Danes delivers a rather hectic speech but then she has just been through shock therapy I suppose.

2:38: I thought it would be Breaking Bad’s night but it seems like Homeland is getting the love as Clare Danes wins again not sure if they can get the big one though.

2:36: Jon Hamm and Tina Fey ten minutes later than planned though they are predictably hilarious.

2:30: Helen McCroy’s at the Emmys not having it off with a twenty-year old at a hotel, who knew?

2:28: Damien Lewis wins for Homeland, does a really self-mocking speech and a really deserved win.

2:26: Jimmy Kimmel’s doing a mock in memoriam segment about himself with Josh Groban singing What Makes You Beautiful, Simon Cowell is laughing as he rakes in the royalties.

2:25: Tim Van Patten win dramatic directing for Boardwalk Empire.

2:24: So glad Martha Plimpton won for The Good Wife she’s a great antagonist on that show.

2:18: Maggie Smith wins Best Supporting Actress in a Drama at the Emmys, Hayden Panetierre accepts on her behalf, I would like to think these two hang out on a regular basis.

2:16: Hey if these writers are boring you then Tina Fey and Jon Hamm will be around in 10 minutes.

2:15: With Tracy Morgan passed out on stage, meanwhile Homeland wins the award for Best Writing in a Drama.

2:12: A Sketch involving Tracy Morgan – this won’t end well.

2:05: Oh the Emmy goes to Aaron Paul which makes me think Breaking Bad may sweep the drama categories this year.

2:04: We’re into drama now with Clare Danes presenting the Supporting Actor in a Drama Series category.

2:01: Tom Bergeron from Dancing with the Stars wins Best Reality Show Host.

2:00: Hey it’s Patrick Kielty – who ever thought you’d see him at the Emmys?

1:59: Seth MacFarlane breaks out the Stewie Griffin voice after messing up is microphone spot.

1:57: The introduction of the accountants in this Big Bang Theory sketch is really fun

1:52: The Amazing Race wins yet another Emmy in the Reality Competition category

1:51: Hey it’s Dawson and Damian Wayans presenting for Reality Competition Programme

1:49: Julia Louis-Dreyfus becomes first act to be played off by the band as we head into our reality category.

1:48: Armando Ianucci at the Emmys who would’ve thunk it?

1:46: Got my first prediction of the night right Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins for Veep and gets Amy Poehler’s thank you speech in great gag.

1:45: The thing with Stephen Colbert is you don’t know when he’s being serious and when he’s joking.

1:44: Jimmy Kimmel seems to be presenting this in a post-modern style.

1:39: Jon Cryer is the shock win of the night as he triumphs in the Best Comic Actor category.

1:38: Mindy Kalling and Melissa McCarthy are presenting Best Comic Actor the latter is basically playing her character from Bridesmaids again.

1:36: The little girl from Modern Family is kicking ass in this sketch where she’s the most nightmarish member of the cast, Ken Jeong is also suitably creepy throughout.

1:33: Steve Levitan wins for Modern Family so far they’ve got three out of the four awards they’ve been nominated for.

1:32: So Kathy Bates and Jimmy Fallon already won those awards and now they’re presenting Best Comedy Direction

1:30: We’re back with the not so talkative Matthew Perry whose doing guest actor and guest actress in a comedy.

1:26: Oh we can tweet the stars using #emmycongrats guys. Shall we do it?

1:24: Julie Bowen wins for a second year in a row for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy I thought it would be Sofia this year.

1:22: A cute look at what a 1950s Breaking Bad might look like.

1:21: I love these countdown announcements so you can’t concentrate on the person you’re watching. Melissa McCarthy in 7 minutes guy.

1:20: Louis CK wins an award for writing his sitcom Louis.

1:19: Jim Parsons and Zooey Deschanel do a nice little scripted skit.

1:14: A lovely little speech from Stonestreet in which he paid tribute to the jobbing actors ou there.

1:13: Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet wins the award for the second time running thanks Jesse Tyler Ferguson

1:11: We’re kicking off with comedy with Amy Poehler and Louis CK presenting Supporting Comic Actor.

1:07: The academy is sending a strong message and that message is ‘show us your boobs’, great line.

1:06: These jokes seem to be going over all of the Downton Abbey cast’s heads and what’s up with Hugh Bonneville’s beard?

1:05: Cat Deeley just got burnt – well done Kimmel.

1:04: A Gag about Ellen’s trousers – not so amusing

1:01: Great opening sketch with Jimmy Kimmel, Kathy Bates, Martha Plimpton and Lena Dunham among others.

0:59: Ryan Seacrest getting to use the mani-cam that’s what he’s wanted to do all night.

0:55: Switching over to the ABC feed as the reporter is inside the theatre with the great Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

0:48: Stephen Colbert on the Hot 100 List? He was 69, who was 70?

0:45: Christina Henrdiks is still on that red carpet that woman’s a bloody trooper.

0:40: Struggling to find a live stream online, will update as soon as I find one.

0:33: Ricky Gervais ‘you usually have to kill a few people to get that many column inches’ on his role hosting The Golden Globes as funny as ever.

0:31: Lucy Liu is upstaged by Zooey Deschanel’s dress such is life.

0:29: Clare Danes to win, that is all!

0:28: What are Tom Hanks and Nicole Kidman doing there? I though this was a TV event.

0:26: Matthew Perry trying to talk up Go On, not doing that well I don’t think he has that much faith in the project.

0:18: Jim Parsons as self-efacing as ever – I don’t think I’ll win. Yeah right.

0:15: I wonder if this is how Ryan Seacrest talks to Julianne Hough when they’re at home – I told you not to do your hair like that.

0:11: Amy Poehler is just so adorable

0:10: Tracey Morgan seems to have sacked his agent as he’s got no idea what’s up after 30 Rock – he’s going to leave it to the Gods.

0:08: Fashion Police double entendre – let’s close-up on her clutch

0:07: Sofia’s family are all there does that mean she’s going to win?

0:05: Sofia Vergara is livening things up again after that incredibly dull January Jones interview. Oh God she’s dancing her lack of self-awareness is great.

0:01: When Emily Van Camp says ‘very exciting’ you can tell she’s not excited in the least bit.

23:59: Ryan is talking with Tina Fey about the last 30 Rock I’m already tearing up thinking about it.

23:56: Aziz Ansari talks about tweeting Arnie and wanting a baby category this is how you do funny Jimmy Fallon.

23:55: Heidi Klum likes a high slit – make your own jokes guys.

23:51: Giuliana has just had a baby? She looks incredibly skinny for that to have happened. And what kind of name is Duke?

23:50: Hayden wants to open an African nature reserve, so that’s Save the Lions, Save the World then!

23:48: Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britten are sweating all over each other as they talk about partying the night before, not as sexy as it sounds.

23:45: Wow! Raj from Big Bang Theory has a VERY hot lady friend.

23:43: Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland seems to be dressed as a china doll. And now more medical chit-chat as they start talking about her kidney transplant happy times everyone!

23:42: Cryer is talking about his weeping wound after an accident, good awards chat.

23:41: Jon Cryer is excited to be a leading actor, he’s doing the ‘lovely company to be in’ awards jargon which means he’s already found out that he’s not won.

23:38: Ginnifer Goodwin wants to host the show, to be fair she’d probably be doing a better job. She’s talking about putting her phone down her cleavage when filming Once Upon a Time and also an Elvis haircut another great chat.

23:34 Eric Stonestreet, who I love, is talking about Charlize Theron who is definitely not dating. I am shocked.

23:32: Lena Dunham is talking about Girls I do like her but not a big fan of her sense of humour. She hopes that the emotional experience will help men better themselves, I’m afraid she’s wrong.

23:30 Schmidt from New Girl is wearing Brooks’ Brothers suit if anyone was interested. Guilana is asking him if he’d play Christian Grey in 50 Shades he said he’d be too intense to play the role but I’m not convinced.

23:25: Ryan Seacrest and Jimmy Fallon together with the latter doing a very obvious Amanada Bynes gag I’ve never found him funny and calling his girl dog Gary just proves that. Oh God Clint Eastwood saved me a chair, another great joke – not.

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