Ratings Chart: Week Ending 14/12/12

Another week, another ratings chart.

1 [1] Strictly Come Dancing (Sat, BBC1)
An interesting new concept arrived this week as the couples tried out Dance Fusion with Kimberley picking up the top marks this time around.

2 [3] The X-Factor (Sun, ITV1)
The final episode of this series of X-Factor at least goes out on a high as James Arthur was crowned the winner ahead of Jahmene and the dreaded diva Christopher Maloney.

3 [4] Last Tango in Halifax (Tues, BBC1)
This BBC drama goes from strength to strength as it enters its penultimate week Alan and Celia tackle the issue of intimacy.

4 [6] Merlin (Sat, BBC1)
It may be coming to an end in a couple of weeks but Merlin is still staying strong by returning to this week’s top five.

5 [Re] Pointless Celebrities (Sat, BBC1)
An interesting line-up for the brilliant quiz show saw Diane Abbott and Edwina Currie form a quiz coalition of sorts to become the champions of the show.

6 [New] The Poison Tree (Mon, ITV1)
tv the poison tree ophelia lovebond still 2 Ratings Chart: Week Ending 14/12/12
Despite this new ITV drama not being particularly memorable it still got a good legion of viewers tuning in to see a show in which only Matthew Goode really shone.

7 [8] Have Got News For You (Fri, BBC1)
The penultimate episode of the series saw a more mature Charlotte Church step back into the hotseat after being the youngest person to host the show all those years ago.

8 [New] Inside Claridges (Mon, BBC2)
A massive ratings hit for BBC2 is this look behind the scenes of one of the country’s most expensive hotels and explores why the guests pay as much as they do.

9 [Re] Masterchef: The Professionals (Thur, BBC2)
Once again Michel Roux and chums are able to attract viewers to the professional version of this long-running cooking show.

10 [New] Weight Loss Ward (Wed, ITV1)
This new documentary looks at the people who have checked into the obesity ward at Sunderland Hospital one of the busiest of its kind in the country.

OK you know the deal – more ratings same time next week.

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