Ratings Chart: Week Ending 28/12/12

Hankies ready as its time for the final ratings chart of the year.

1 [1] Strictly Come Dancing (Sat, BBC1)
Louis Smith on Strictly C 008 Ratings Chart: Week Ending 28/12/12
The final episode of one Strictly’s most successful series comes to an end with Louis Smith beating off competition from Denise and Kimberley to be crowned this year’s winner. I personally don’t think it was the right decision but at the same time I’m happy for Flavia who deserves a win after so many rubbish partners over the past few years.

2 [New] Mrs Brown’s Boys (Mon, BBC1)
I think we were all a bit shocked when the Christmas ratings came in and Mrs Brown’s Boys had the highest viewing figures. I’m really not sure why this programme is as popular as it is but I personally find it about as funny as the plague.

3 [New] Miranda (Wed, BBC1)
Another comedy that has legions of fans, which I’m sort of one I suppose, Miranda’s return on Boxing Day meant another Christmas Special and more importantly a lot of viewers for her first episode on BBC1.

4 [New] Call the Midwife (Tues, BBC1)
The most successful non-soap on Christmas Day was the BBC’s biggest drama hit of the year as we were transported back to the picturesque squalor of Poplar with Jenny Lee once again poking her nose in where it doesn’t belong and Chummy attempting to arrange the local nativity play.

5 [New] The Royle Family (Tues, BBC1)
The Royles were back after a year away and the show has since lost all of its subtle edges instead now featuring a lot of jokes about lonely hearts adverts and erectile dysfunction.

6 [New] Outnumbered (Mon, BB1)
The one-off return of the Brockmans saw how much the kids have grown with Ben in particular having shot up since last we saw him. The episode itself was OK but Outnumbered just doesn’t have the same charm it once did.

7 [New] Doctor Who (Tues, BBC1)
A very melancholy Doctor joined us this year as he was still moping around following the deaths of Amy and Rory however the return of Clara Oswin soon perked him up once again and soon enough he was fighting Richard E Grant’s killer snowmen.

8 [3] Merlin (Sat, BBC1)
Merlin’s penultimate episode drew better numbers than the finale but both did well in the ratings to the extent that the planned film may just go ahead.

9 [New] Downton Abbey (Tues,ITV1)
A surprisingly low showing for Downton, which last year topped the Christmas charts, as we said goodbye to Matthew after a car crash in Scotland.

10 [New] Mr Stink (Sun, BBC1)
One of my Christmas highlights was this adaptation of David Walliams’ children’s book which starred Hugh Bonneville as the eponymous tramp of the tale who is befriended by a young girl who has big plans for him.

OK next time we’ll have the first ratings chart of 2013.

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