Ratings Chart: Week Ending 04/01/13

Welcome to 2013 and the first ratings chart of the year.

1 [3] Miranda (Tues, BBC1)
And the first chart-topper of the year is gigantic funny-woman Miranda whose new, and possibly final, series comes to BBC1 with a mammoth audience as her comic character continues to search for love.

2 [2] Mrs Brown’s Boys (Tues, BBC1)
Coming just behind Miranda is this cross-dressing so called comedy that I’ve never found funny but it appears as if I’m in the minority.

3 [New] Africa (Wed, BBC1)
David Attenborough’s wildlife programmes always do well in the ratings and his latest effort exploring the continent of Africa is no different.

4 [New] Ripper Street (Sun, BBC1)
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More success for the BBC with this new Sunday night crime drama with a difference as this Victorian-set show is full of gore, sex and facial hair with Matthew MacFayden’s crack team out to dispel the rumour that Jack the Ripper is back on the streets of London.

5 [New] Superstars (Sat, BBC1)
The reinvention of the old sports-based game show found a legion of fans over Christmas but for me it was all about Mo Farrah continuing his game show marathon after succeeding earlier this year on The Cube.

6 [New] Wild at Heart (Sun, ITV1)
The African based drama series comes to an end in this one off special which saw a wedding and more mischief from various different animals.

7 [New] Midsomer Murders (Wed, IV1)
Midsomer is always a big ratings winner and this latest instalment was no different with Neil Dudgeon back on the case once again.

8 [New] Celebrity Mastermind (Tues, BBC1)
A staple of the Christmas/New Year fortnight is the celebrity version of the classic quiz presumably because the questions are easier and this episode in particular was a gentle watch after the New Year’s Eve festivities.

9 [New] Graham Norton’s New Year Show (Mon, BBC1)
Talking of New Year it was Graham Norton who made it onto the top of the honours list with this one-off celebration featuring an array of guest stars.

10 [New] Room 101 (Fri, BBC1)
Frank Skinner returned with the classic panel show which now sees three celebrities attempt to banish their pet hates into Room 101.

More Rating same time next week.

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