Ratings Chart: Week Ending 11/01/13

Hello and welcome to the first full chart of 2013

1 [2] Mrs Brown’s Boys (Mon, BBC1)
Mrs+Browns+Boys Ratings Chart: Week Ending 11/01/13
This may be the first chart of 2013 but it feels more like 1976 when a cross-dressing sitcom is the most-watched programme in the country. Whoever’s watching this programme has very little taste and really shouldn’t be owning a TV at all.

2 [1] Miranda (Mon, BBC1)
Miranda Hart’s sitcom continues to do the goods for BBC1 as we follow her continued struggles in her love life with a new man on the horizon to keep her mind occupied while Gary is still with his new girlfriend.

3 [New] Death in Paradise (Tues, BBC1)
Highest new entry this week is for the Ben Miller-set Caribbean island drama which a lot of people have seemingly come to to escape their winter blues.

4 [New] Mr Selfridge (Sun, ITV)
More new drama in the form of Jeremy Piven’s booming shop entrepreneur as Mr Selfridge occupies the Downton Abbey slot and wins a legion of the same fans as it demolishes the BBC’s alternative in Ripper Street.

5 [New] Silent Witness (Thurs, BB1)
The return of the gruesome crime drama always brings viewers in however I have to say I’ve never been a big fan.

6 [3] Africa (Wed, BBC1)
Due to the wealth of new entries, David Attenborough’s wildlife series falls down a few places but still has a loyal audience who are entranced by the African beasts.

7 [New] Dancing on Ice (Sun, ITV)
Keith Chegwin, Pamela Anderson and Beth Tweddle were some of the stars who opened the show on Sunday with star attraction Pammy being ejected in Week One, what were the judges thinking?

8 [New] Lewis (Mon, ITV)
Kevin Whately returns in the final series of this Morse spin-off which has controversially been split into two parts a decision that has angered many fans.

9 [4] Ripper Street (Sun, BBC1)
It seems coming up against Mr Selfridge has really dented Ripper Street’s ratings as it tumbles down the chart however this may change once both series really start to get going.

10 [7] Midsomer Murders (Wed, ITV)
Midsomer remains a big hitter this week as Neil Dudgeon unearths more mysteries in a town which must have the highest crime rate in the whole country.

OK same sort of thing again next week.

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