Ratings Chart: Week Ending 25/01/13

Welcome back once again to another week of predictable ratings albeit with a new number one.

1 [New] Call the Midwife (Sun, BBC1)
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It’s no surprise to anyone that the return of Call the Midwife shoots right back to the top spot with more interfering from Jenny Lee and clumsiness from Miranda.

2 [1] Mrs Brown’s Boys (Mon, BBC1)
I just think it’s a waste of my fingers to keep complaining about Mrs Brown’s Boys being in the charts and I’ll just let people get on and watch this rubbish in piece.

3 [2] Miranda (Mon, BBC1)
More comedy mishaps from Miranda and company in another fairly amusing episode.

4 [4] Death in Paradise (Tues, BBC1)
Ben Miller’s sun-drenched detective series continues to dominate the charts this week with another episode full of more recognisable British actors.

5 [3] Africa (Wed, BBC1)
David Attenborough’s wildlife show seems to be the most changeable fixture on the chart countdown as it rests its head at a comfortable fifth position this week.

6 [5] Silent Witness (Thurs, BBC1)
Though dropping slightly this week, Silent Witness continues to find favour with viewers who enjoy their two part episodes.

7 [8] Lewis (Mon, ITV)
A slight jump for Kevin Whateley and Lawrence Fox this week as Lewis and Hathaway investigate the second of their three final mysteries together.

8 [9] Ripper Street (Sun, BBC1)
A bit of a turn up for the books this week as Ripper Street leaps up a place and bests ITV rival Mr Selfridge in a rare turnaround for the BBC.

9 [7] Dancing on Ice (Sun, ITV)
It does look to me as if Dancing on Ice is on its last legs as three episodes in the programme is rapidly slipping down the top 10.

10 [6] Mr Selfridge (Sun, ITV)
This of course means that Mr Selfridge suffers as a result and with Call the Midwife back it appears as if people are already sick of sickly costume drama before Piven arrives on the screen.

Next week more of the same.

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