Ratings Chart: Week Ending 01/02/13

Nothing new at all this week as we have another week of predictable ratings

1 [1] Call the Midwife (Sun, BBC1)
The midwives deliver once again as there is trouble for Cynthia while Chummy takes a leave of absence.

2 [2] Mrs Brown’s Boys (Mon, BBC1)
The penultimate episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys stays strong at the top of the charts for some unknown reason.

3 [3] Miranda (Mon, BBC1)
The final episode of the series, and perhaps ever, ended on a cliffhanger as unlucky-in-love Miranda had two men propose to her.

4 [4] Death in Paradise (Tues, BBC1)
uktv jameela death in paradise Ratings Chart: Week Ending 01/02/13
Ben Miller is another non-mover this week as things heat up on Saint-Marie once again.

5 [6] Silent Witness (Thurs, BBC1)
It appears as if we love our murders this week as Silent Witness goes from strength to strength climbing up a place into the top five.

6 [7] Lewis (Mon, ITV)
The third murder-related show in a row as Lewis and Hathaway wrap up their penultimate case together.

7 [9] Dancing on Ice (Sun, ITV)
No murders on the ice this week, though there were a few tumbles, as Dancing on Ice continues to have a tough time finding viewers.

8 [5] Africa (Wed, BBC1)
More unrest in the Attenborough came as this wildlife drama continues to perform badly slipping three places in this week’s chart.

9 [10] Mr Selfridge (Sun, ITV)
Mr S maintains his lead over Ripper Street this week with another episode full of yelling and flailing his arms around wildly.

10 [9] Ripper Street (Sun, BBC1)
Though don’t count Ripper Street just yet even though I’m a little bit perturbed that four murder-related shows have made into the list once again.

Don’t be disturbed by this though and return next week for more ratings updates.

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